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The announcement of another PP19 Vityaz replica

The announcement of another PP19 Vityaz replica

A video showing the PP19 Vityaz replica has appeared on the Internet. It comes from the official Arcturus website and presents a working replica with at least one interesting solution. Most likely, the replica will have the same gearbox as in the AK12 of the same manufacturer (i.e. based on a micro-contact switch, with a spring release mechanism and quick spring replacement). The configuration of internal parts, power, etc. was not specified. The use of a hop-up system with a horizontal knob in the rotary chamber is a curiosity. The replica itself will have a folding frame stock (similar to the AK-74SU stock), sections of tactical rails integrated with the handguard (short ones on the sides and a longer one at the bottom), a receiver cover with another accessory rail and a more tactical pistol grip (clearly longer from the standard ones, but different from the one known from the AK12). The release date and price have not been given.




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