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ATP Tournament 3
ATP Tournament 3

ATP Tournament 3

ATP Tournament 3
ATP Tournament 3

On November 21, Sunday, at the Kolejarz Sports and Recreation Center in Katowice, yet another competition of the "Airsoft Team Poland Tournament Domination 3" took place, ie a speedsoft competition, organized by the Tactical Academy of Culture "YES". As during the previous "Airsoft Team Poland Tournament 2.5 No Pressure - the Beginning" competition, the game mode was domination, during which players had to take over all 3 points or eliminate the entire opposing team. Each duel consisted of 3 rounds, each lasting 3 minutes. The players received 200 0.25 tracer BBs from the organizers and were required to have a BB illumination device on their replica. Apart from the technical aspects of the track, the game itself was very spectacular, which can be confirmed by both the audience and the supporting players. The whole atmosphere of the competition was very pleasant and the fair-play spirit was felt in the air.












There were also some nice gestures between the opponents (standard greeting before the start and mutual congratulations at the end, or even help by borrowing a magazine in a situation when one completely jammed and refused to cooperate in the middle of a round). There were also ladies among the judges and the players. According to the words of "Thumbelina" from the "Gunfire Project v2" team, 2 months, a little interest and similar minded people are enough to start having fun with speedsoft.



From the technical point of view, it should be emphasized that the judges were very competent and all disputes were resolved on an ongoing basis with the use of video recordings and careful observation of the playing field. All points were tested between the final rounds to avoid any misunderstandings. All this unquestionably puts the whole event at a very high level.








In addition, the more attentive people knew there was a broadcast of the competition, commented on by Leszek from Gunfire and Grzegorz "Black" Skibski. The players themselves provided a large dose of emotions, unexpected twists and surprises, especially during the finals.

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The organizers, when asked about further plans, replied that they do not plan a 3.5 event but a surprising combination can be expected at the 4th edition of the ATP Tournament. We will certainly appear at future events and we encourage you to follow the further development of this event and the speedsoft scene in Poland.



This year the podium was as follows:

1. Hold My Beer




2 WSS Blue




3. WSS Red




4. Tier 1 Perun





We sincerely congratulate the winners and wish them future successes.


















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