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AK White Storm replica by Tokyo Marui

AK White Storm replica by Tokyo Marui

Since the first snow has already fallen in Poland and winter has not surprised road workers yet, there is no need to put your replicas in the closet. It is enough to change their livery to the same kind as in the newly announced replica by Tokyo Marui, the AK NGRS.



Announced for December 10, the replica is to be a variation on the AK replica in the NGRS system. It is to have a recoil imitation system standard for these replicas, a movable bolt carrier and a last BB cut-off system and additionally, a handguard white, a white metal receiver and an adjustable white stock. Additionally, the replica comes with RIS rails, MLOK slots and a hand-stop. In the place of a standard AK rear sight there is a section of the mounting rail with a fixed sight. As standard, a selector has an extension for a finger for a more convenient selecting of a firing mode and a magwell to facilitate magazine changing.


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Due to the use of the cut-off system after the last BB is fired, it will be required to use dedicated magazines or the function needs to be forfeited and use an adapter for standard AK magazines is required. The replica itself will generate 300 fps of muzzle velocity. The cost will be similar to a standard replica and will amount to around 470 EUR.



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