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ASG and CLPD join forces

ASG and CLPD join forces

At the Action Sport Games website, an announced has been posted, stating that the company has signed a cooperation agreement with CL Project Design led by "Airsoft Surgeon" Clarenca Lai. For those who are not familiar with the subject, CLPD is a company dealing in tuning, designing and production of accessories and replicas with a unique character. Examples can be found in our articles HERE and HERE. As one can see, the replicas are fully usable and look quite uniquely.


The cooperation itself allows the production of parts (both internal and external) under a license from Ceska Zbrojovka. The first product to be announced is a frame and a slide for a GBB pistol. A range of parts by CLPD for pistols and revolvers is already available. CLPD endorses its proprietary solutions and high quality of their products, allowing for the construction of high-end replicas with a high work culture. It only remains to observe  ASG and CLPD and await information about innovative and interesting products.



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