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Improved Pythons .357 by King Arms
Improved Pythons .357 by King Arms

Improved Pythons .357 by King Arms

Improved Pythons .357 by King Arms
Improved Pythons .357 by King Arms

In January, an improved version of the Python .357 revolver replica by King Arms will be released. Compared to the first version, some parts were replaced, the trigger is made of steel this time. It also has an improved design of the latch and cylinder positioning pin, and a steel valve. Additionally, instead of compressed rubber, the shells feature a CNC ball stopper, but the old shells can still be used.






There was also a new paint coat done with powder technology. The replica itself will look the same, so there will be a version with a 2.5", 4" and 6" barrel and an Evil version with an additionally enclosed barrel, sight and accessory rails.










The grip will be made from plastic resembling wood. The entire revolver is to be made of aluminum alloy and powered by green gas.




The manufacturer states the muzzle velocity of about 260 fps for the 4" and 6" versions and 210 fps for the 2.5" version (depending on the target market, there may be versions of different power). The price has not been given, but it can be assumed that it will be similar to the previous version, that is around 140-150 EUR. The release is announced for January.



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