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The new Aimpoint Duty RDS - the successor of the Micro model?

The new Aimpoint Duty RDS - the successor of the Micro model?

The new Aimpoint Duty RDS - the successor of the Micro model?

Aimpoint, a tycoon on the weapons optics market, has presented its newest sight called the Duty RDS (Red Dot Sight).


As the name and the advertising campaign may suggest, the product was created with law enforcement officers and their weapons in mind. The first thing that catches attention is the size, comparable to the well-known Micro series, and here lies also the first difference - the price. The new RDS Duty is offered for (at the manufacturer's website) 499 USD, with the price of Micro models oscillating around 700 USD. This price also includes a picatinny rail mount and a spacer that allows to mount the sight at the height of standard AR15 rifle sights, ensuring the so-called absolute co-witness.


The manufacturer has equipped the sight with a 2 MOA dot and new adjustment knobs. Contrary to the Micro models, they are not hidden under screwed on caps, but are exposed. This speeds up the adjustment process, which is done using an Torx key. The knobs are waterproof and do not protrude beyond the outline of the sight and the settings (the so-called click) are very noticeable.


The housing of the new Duty RDS, which weighs only 108 g (without the mount), is made of an aluminum alloy with an anti-reflective coating.


The sight has 10 dot brightness settings, 4 of which work with night vision. The sight is waterproof up to 25 meters and can operate in the temperature range from -45 to +71 degrees Celsius. It is powered by a CR2032 battery which provide 3 years (30,000 hours) of continuous use on a brightness setting of 7.


The sight works with night vision devices of all generations.

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