Magpul announcements at Shot Show 2022

Magpul announcements at Shot Show 2022
Magpul's offer of new products for 2022 will be presented soon in Las Vegas.
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Magpul previews at Shot Show 2022

Shot Show is back after a break caused by COVID19 and with it a series of premieres of products from many recognized manufacturers, including Magpul, which will treat us with the following ones in the coming year.

Let's start with firearms accessories. In 2022 Magpul will be promoting two stocks - for the AR15 platform (or using its solutions) and... the HK MP5. The first product is a variant of the well-known MOE SL - MOE SL-M Carbine Stock.

The stock is designed for the PDW type designs, i.e. weapons where low weight and size are required, so the latest version of the Magpul SL is shorter and narrower than its predecessors. In addition, the stock has a double-sided adjustment lever, covered on both sides, to eliminate its accidental activation.

The stock is currently only offered in the Mil Spec size.
The second stock is likely to find fans among the owners of the MP5 series submachine guns and HK94 carbines.

Magpul SL Stock - HK94/MP5 offers the quality and solutions of Magpul to slightly old designs from the HK brand. The stock is based on solutions used in the SL models. It is made of a stainless metal, polymer and rubber. The butt plate can be detached and replaced with a model with more aggressive texture for better stabilization of the weapon on the shoulder.



Interesting features are a double-sided QD socket for mounting a carrying sling and an undoubtedly better (our subjective opinion) solution that allows for convenient adjustment of the stock's length on both sides.

The price of $ 159.95 also appears to be competitive - given the astronomical prices of the original HK stocks.
The last of the small accessories prepared for 2022 is the AR15 ejection port cover.

A simple accessory, however, it has an extremely important feature - it does not require tools to be installed and every user of the AR15 platform (firearm or ASG) knows that to replace this element, we need at least a multitool.

Undoubtedly, an interesting and inexpensive (less than $ 15) alternative to the standard Mil Spec covers.
An interesting group of new Magpul products for 2022 are accessories for hunting/sniper weapons. Let's start with the latest version of the Magpul MOE bipod.

The Bipod is 40% lighter than previous models offered by the company, weighing only 8 ounces (about 0.22 kg). It also includes a mount adapted to the standard Uncle Mike's mount.

Thanks to the large knob, installing the bipod on the weapon takes only a moment. The legs are adjustable in the range of 7-10 inches (17.7 cm - 25.4 cm), they have replaceable rubber feet that are compatible with others available on the market made in the ATLAS standard.

The price of $ 74.95 also seems attractive.

Two more products are Magpul's proposals that may be of interest to users of bolt-action weapons. The first is a stock for Remington 700 Short Action rifles or similar ones.

The Pro 700 Lite SA is about 0.5 kg lighter than previous Magpul stock models, still offering the same solid and slim platform for users of the popular Remington. The frame of the stock is made of aluminum coated with a polymer.

The stock naturally has interchangeable pistol grips that allow to position one's hands at angles of 7 or 20 degrees and adjust the distance from the magazine.

The butt stock is a PRS model and the stock is compatible with AICS magazines. On the front, there are M-Lok mounting slots, on which one can mount, among other things, QD sockets. The MSRP $ 599.95.
Another of the stocks is a model designed to make shooting from the Ruger American Short Action rifle more enjoyable and easy.

The stock, similarly to the model described above, is made of polymer with frame made of aluminum.

The Hunter American Stock allows to shoot a rifle using STANAG magazines, has an adjustable and interchangeable cheek pads and a butt stock, and M-Lok slots on the front part of the stock. In the butt stock section, there are both QD sockets and eyelets for mounting the sling in a traditional way.

The MSRP is $ 299.95.

And now some haberdashery. The first of the clothing products proposed by Magpul in the 2022 season is the Magpul Tejas Gun Belt - El Cibolo.

The belt is made of American buffalo leather and cowhide leather with elastic polymer reinforcement. The belt is equipped with a low-profile elegant metal, removable buckle.

The width of the belt is 3.81 cm, the spacing between the holes is 1.9 cm, and the available sizes are between 32 and 46 inches (81cm-116cm). The El Cibolo belt is to be available in black and "chocolate".

Estimated Price: $ 119.95.
The Magpul 2022 fashion collection is complemented by a variation on the classic aviation glove called the Magpul Flight Glove 2.0.

The gloves are made of a mixture of Kevlar and Nomex on the outside. The interior is a solid piece of goatskin. The gloves are antistatic and naturally flame retardant and can be used with touchscreen devices.

Additionally, loops have been added on the cuffs to allow them to be carried, for example, on carbines or grim lock clips.

The price for a pair of gloves is $ 59.95.

Finally, we are left with new products from the DAKA product line that is, the practical Magpul general-purpose covers and pouches. The interesting DAKA Utility Organizer comes first.

The product is perfect as a toolbox for basic tools for cleaning weapons, etc.

The organizer has a semi-rigid design, the polymer casing is covered with a hydrophobic and chemical-resistant layer, the zippers are waterproof, and there is a loop on the top for mounting a clip.

Inside one will find a single large pocket secured with a net and a zipper, two vertical open compartments and three elastic eyelets.

The dimensions of the new DAKA Utility Organizer are 12 × 19 × 4.5 cm. The projected price is $ 29.95.

Among the soft DAKA covers, the DAKA Single Pistol Case is undoubtedly the most interesting novelty.

The cover allows the transport of one Glock 34 size pistol or similar with accessories such as lighting or optics. The inside of the case is padded with EVA foam, and the whole thing is closed with a splash-proof zipper.

The slim design of the cover allows it to be easily placed in larger cases or transport boxes.

Producer price is $ 39.95
And finally, let's take a look at DAKA Can cases in two new versions, Large and 2.0.

The first model offers a larger transport space than its predecessors, allowing to carry even larger models of glasses. Both versions are connected, however, by a new foam lining that protects the contents in an even better way, while minimizing the risk of scratches on the surface of the transported object, and new, reinforced metal hinges of the lid.

The DAKA Can, Large costs $ 24.95 and the DAKA Can 2.0 costs $ 19.95.

We invite You to follow the report from Shot Show 2022 - our editorial office is on its way.


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