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Action Army with a new HU chamber for the VSR

Action Army with a new HU chamber for the VSR

Action Army showed another HU chamber for the VSR system on its profile. This time it is a precise chamber with a design known from stock replicas, i.e. with a slider adjusting the rotation of the BB. The chamber will most likely be made of milled aluminum with steel adjustment manipulators. It will be equipped with a spacer for stabilization on the barrel and stoppers to keep the BB in the chamber.



Certainly, making such a chamber from aluminum and steel, instead of flexible polymers, may improve repeatability, but the release of such a chamber is puzzling due to the common problems and slightly impracticality of this solution known to users. The widely used TDC is one of the basic modifications made. Do such traditional hop-up chambers still make sense with current solutions available?



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