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Support of American companies for the fighting Ukraine

Support of American companies for the fighting Ukraine

Support of American companies for the fighting Ukraine

Symbolic or not, all support for the fighting Ukraine counts. We have written several times about the rush of our domestic companies in the military sector but and how does it look like in the USA? This is probably a small fragment of the support that Ukraine is experiencing from across the sea, although in the face of the passive attitude of some economic entities and countries, it is worth mentioning them.

The Adams Arms company, through its FB profile, has informed about continuous, uninterrupted deliveries of AR15 carbines for the Ukrainian recipient.

Of course, the exact model was not specified, but the photos and video footage show that the company supplies the P1 model - quite basic optics ready AR15 model, with a gas block equipped with a picatinny rail.


The company emphasizes that it makes every effort to ensure that supplies continue to reach the country torn by war. As an additional initiative, Adams Arms also launched a T-shirt the income from which ($ 19.99- $ 21.99) is to be transferred to the Bank of Ukraine.

Naturally, the t-shirt is designed to support the fighters and presents a well-known saying that we cannot cite, because the portal is also read by minors...
Also the ATN Corp company from Florida, which produces optical and thermal imaging sights, joined the action to help Ukraine.

One of the company's owners is Ukrainian and he started a fundraiser himself, donating $ 100,000 for this purpose. Currently, the amount is $ 153,000.

Moreover, the company ensures that it has its own staff on the Ukrainian-Bulgarian border, thanks to which it coordinates and improves the delivery of equipment.

This is not the first time that the common people act when the "great ones" debate.




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