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More new products by ESS
More new products by ESS

More new products by ESS

More new products by ESS
More new products by ESS

Not so long ago we mentioned a new line of glasses by the American company ESS, intended mainly for services and professions where the user's visibility plays a key role in his safety.
The glasses of the Hi-Vis line were characterized by the orange color of the frames. Another, newest line of ESS products is also distinguished by unique colors.


The LPL-5 are goggles, accessories and replaceable pink lenses that protect the user from laser radiation. According to the specifications provided by the manufacturer, the new LPL-5 lenses provide eye protection against laser light with a wavelength of 532nm and an optical density (OD) of 2.5. This means that the lenses block 99.7% of the radiation emitted by green targeting lasers.



The new pink lenses are designed to be used successfully both during the day and night and have a visible light transmission of 48%.
The new product line includes the INFLUX and PROFILE NVG goggles priced at $ 320 and $ 285 respectively.



LPL-5 lenses are also used in the Crossblade series ($ 215.00), Crossblade Naro ($ 215.00) and the Crossblade Naro KIT ($ 290.00).




Naturally, the lenses are also available separately, including for the Crossbow series glasses.

Source: esseyepro.com



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