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Ares is presenting the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.I and the L42A1

Ares is presenting the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.I and the L42A1

Ares is presenting the Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.I and the L42A1

For some time now, more and more Lee Enfield rifle replicas have been seen on the market. From spring-loaded replicas by S&T to gas-powered replicas by G&G. This group is now joined by Ares with replicas of the No.4 Mk.I and No.4 Mk.I (T) models.






These are replicas of rifles from the interwar period (and specifically from the 1930s) and were also produced later during the Second World War. Externally, the replica will be made of wood and mostly 304 stainless steel with a hard coating. They include all the fittings, belt and bayonet mounts, optics mount and a square socket for ammo clips.




The replicas will be spring-loaded (although the manufacturer does not rule out a CO2 conversion). Inside one will find a direct BB feeding system (known from the Kar98 replicas) with 35 BB interchangeable magazines (1 in the set) with steel parts.




In addition to these versions, there will also be the L42A1, a Lee-Enfield-based sniper rifle. The No.4 Mk.I (T) and L42A1 replicas will have an additional wooden cheek pad and will be accompanied by metal replicas of the No. 32 3.5× scope with a mount.








The manufacturer states that it will be possible to buy just the scope with the mount. The replicas are to be shipped in boxes similar to those known from the Kar98 replicas, with a wooden texture (unfortunately made of plastic).




The set includes 1 magazine, a cleaning rod and installed optics in the L42A1 and No.4 Mk.I (T) versions. Unfortunately, the parameters remains a mystery at the moment. It is now possible to sign up for the pre-order. The replicas are expected to appear around June or July. Depending on the version, the price is $ 555 for the base No.4 Mk.I and $ 670 for the No.4 Mk.I (T) and L42A1.



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