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The Memorial of Marcin Surowiec
The Memorial of Marcin Surowiec

The Memorial of Marcin Surowiec

The Memorial of Marcin Surowiec
The Memorial of Marcin Surowiec

Next weekend, on June 18, near Krakow, at the newly opened "GunsArea" shooting range in Brzeźnica, a competition will be held in memory of a club friend of some of us and a person active in the shooting community - The Memorial of Marcin Surowiec. The organizer is KVG Paczółtowice. The event is supported by Klub Posiadacy Kałduna Taktycznego, so one can expect a loose formula, close to Marcin's heart, i.e. sports shooting, but not a very serious one. Let the examples of targets speak for themselves:



There is also a discount for participants having the appropriate BMI. After the competition and during the event, the organizer provides, as befits a partner, plenty of food. Competition to be expected:


1. Meat Seals Pistol - dynamic pistol, but with a food task during it.

2. "Lefties charm" pistol - shooting with just the left hand.

3. "Rainbow Warrior" pistol - a metal plate in colors and with some difficult elements.

4. "Porky Hunting" rifle - a sniper rifle, just with a different approach.

5. "Too many vegetables" combat shotgun - well combat, but the enemy is healthy food.

6. A special competition for owners of Glocks - "Bottom left".

7. For owners of airsoft replicas (any replica) there is also an IPSC track.


We invite all of you and see you there!



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