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SSR4 by Novritsch

SSR4 by Novritsch

SSR4 by Novritsch

Recently, the premiere of a new AR-15 replica, which has been announced for some time new, took place. The SSR4 is an AEG replica available in variants with a polymer or metal receiver. Both, however, have exactly the same internal parts inside. The manufacturer states that it has an inner barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm, standard gearbox frame with 8 mm bearings, quick spring change system (after unscrewing the stock guide), 16:1 ration gears driven by a neodymium High-Torque motor, an aluminum piston and cylinder head and a polymer piston 14 metal teeth.




Everything is operated by the ETU from Novritsch. Thanks to it, the following functions are available: binary trigger, 3-shot burst (available instead of full-auto), active break, battery protection and adjustable precocking. The recommended battery for this replica is an 11.1 V LiPo.




From the outside, we find a flash hider made using CNC and various M-LOK fronts: for the polymer version with a RIS rail along the entire length and M-LOK sockets placed at 45° angles, on the sides and underneath, a metal version with sockets at the top, on the sides and underneath as well as short sections of RIS at the top front and rear part.




The replica has QD sockets on the stock, at the stock guide base and on the right side of the handguard (regardless of the version). The stock itself is a standard Special Forces type. The T-Deans plug has already become a standard accessory. A mid-cap magazine with capacity and caliber markings also added. There was also a company signature in the form of a 25-year warranty.




The replicas weigh 2.6 kg for the metal version and 2.3 kg for the polymer version, and the prices are € 229 for the polymer version and € 299 for the metal version. Depending on the requirements, sets with different performance are available: below 1J, 0.9-1.25J and 1.4-1.6J. Replicas are available at online shop and their description of operation, disassembly and handling is additionally presented in this instructional videos.

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