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Obi Wan's weapon...

Obi Wan's weapon...

Obi Wan's weapon...

Most of us know the story of Obi Wan, but not only the one from the universe created by Georg Lucas, but the British Special Forces soldiers, to whom the nickname Obi Wan Nairobi is attached. Christian Craighead, now a former soldier of the 22nd SAS Regiment, was instrumental in repelling the terrorist attack committed by members of the Al Shabab group on January 15, 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Being a local special forces trainer in the Kenyan capital, Craighead, using his knowledge and equipment in his car, stepped into action, clearing the DustiD2 hotel of terrorists and helping to evacuate civilians. A total of 27 people were killed in the attack, but many survived thanks to Craighead's action.

For his deeds, the brave soldier was awarded by Queen Elizabeth II and President Donald Trump.

After leaving the service, Craighead has been involved in various projects, including cooperation with companies from the shooting and training industry, including the GBRS Group and ZEV. The fruit of the collaboration with the latter is the unique OZ9 pistol.

The weapons are similar to GLOCK products, but there is little left of that company's weapons. And so the OZ9 parts list opens with the ZEV Exclusive OZ-9C Compact Christian Craighead Signature Slide in a unique coating of Jackal Brown. The slide is naturally equipped with a mount for reflex sights. The frame is also a product of ZEV called the OZ-9C Steel Receiver, Custom Coated Jackal Brown.

Other parts include the ZEV Optimized Threaded Match Grade Barrel, DLC, the ZEV PRO Flat Face Trigger, black, and the ZEV OZ-9C X-Grip, FDE, that includes the above-mentioned steel frame. The weapon is equipped with accessories that facilitate firing and changing magazines, such as the ZEV OZ-9 PRO Magwell, FDE, and the ZEV Pro Compensator V2, FDE. The set is completed with the ZEV OZ-9 Custom SKB Case and two Magpul PMAG®17 GL9® magazines.

Finishing the description, it is worth mentioning the symbolism visible especially on the slide of the new co-production of ZEV and Christian Craighead. And so there are 22 cuts in the slide, which symbolize the name of the unit in which Craighead served, i.e. the already mentioned 22nd SAS Regiment. They are made at an angle of 22 degrees and a depth of 0.22 inches. The slide also features an engraving of Black Beard, the famous pirate, a very popular theme among Western special forces operators in recent years. Slightly above, though inconspicuous, is an hourglass which is a sign of time that passes for us all, and in combat it is extremely important when you need to make quick decisions on which the lives of others often depend.

Craighead had a badge with this logo on his gear during memorable events in Kenya. The slide is also decorated with the CC (Christian Craighead) logo.
The price for the weapon is also symbolic and, as it is with ZEV products, considerable, that is $ 2222.00. Is the gun worth it, the decision is yours. But it is definitely worth getting to know with the profile of Christian and the deeds he has done.




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