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Tokyo Marui reminds us about the Saiga 12K replica

Tokyo Marui reminds us about the Saiga 12K replica

After some period of uncertainty about the design, information from Tokyo Marui about a gas powered replica of the Saiga 12 shotgun has reappeared. The manufacturer said that despite the announcement in spring this year, work on the replica is currently ongoing. There is still no release date, but more information is expected around mid-July.



The gas replica of the Saiga 12K shotgun itself will have a fixed hop-up system (which in the case of Tokyo Marui may work, against all odds), a magazine will have a removable gas tanks (which is to prevent weaker gas expansion with a cool tank) and a capacity of 54 BB, where, thanks to shooting 3 BB at once, will give a total of 18 shots. This design will be the first semi-automatic shotgun replica on the market.


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