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ACTION AIR/AAPG competition in Poznań

ACTION AIR/AAPG competition in Poznań

ACTION AIR/AAPG competition in Poznań

On September 18, Poznań will host the AA IPSC and AAPG airsoft competition organized by SOP Arena Poznań. The competition will be held in two categories: Action Air IPSC (replicas of long guns) and Action Air Practical Gun (replicas of long and short guns). The target groups are both CQB and woodland players, and the competition itself is aimed at having fun in the spirit of healthy competition. The rules are similar to the well-known IPSC, but the system itself has been modified in some way to adapt the tracks to the airsoft realities, divided into tactical and purely sports tracks. The rules themselves have been explained in a very accessible way at the event's website, so everyone interested and willing to organize a competition in a similar convention will surely find them helpful. It is worth adding that the co-organizer, originator and creator of the tracks is Mateusz "Cichy" Cichecki, an award-winning IPSC competitor, so one should expect the event to be prepared in a perfect and thoughtful way.

One also doesn't have to worry about muzzle velocity limits as you don't have to meet any to participate in the competition. All types of replica power supply are also allowed, from the most common AEG, GBB, spring-loaded to HPA. The only requirements are having a replica (or renting it on your own), the need to have at least 3 magazines for a long replica and 2 for a short replica and use of single fire only. No "tracer" BBs or binary trigger is allowed. 

The main sponsor is the well-known manufacturer of electronic parts for replicas, PERUN Airsoft, and the patrons of the tracks are the Rekrut ASG Shop and the ASG Gunsmith, so one can compete for interesting prizes. They will be awarded to both the best achievements and to local players. Moreover, there are rumors of a desire to organize a small airsoft league in this form, but time will tell whether players and other arenas will also be interested in a similar venture. More information about the event, rules and how to award points can be found at the official website of ACTION AIR /AAPG at SOP Arena competition or directly at SUBSCRIBE.







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