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The third generation of the ARP9 by G&G Armament

The third generation of the ARP9 by G&G Armament

The third generation of the ARP9 by G&G Armament



Not so long ago, we announced the second generation of well-known and popular ARP9 replicas by G&G Armament, and now an announcement of the next version has appeared. The ARP9 3.0 resembles the ACP9 PDW designs rather than PCCs. The short magazines with which it was presented are a development version of the 4 stack G&G magazines, this time holding 68 BBs.




In addition to this a folding stock with the system known from MXC9, where the power to the motor is transmitted through the hinge, gives the replica some more flair.




It makes it quite clear that we will find the place for the battery in the stock and it will be quite a small. The handguard is also short, with a length similar to the first generation ARP9, but with a different design. The length of the inner barrel will be 128 mm. Inside the replica one will find a standard G2 gearbox with a quick-change mosfet. The whole thing is quite compact and can be an interesting option as a speedsoft, CQB or even PDW replica in MilSim games.



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