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GORE-TEX STRECH jackets in Multicam

GORE-TEX STRECH jackets in Multicam

GORE-TEX STRECH jackets in Multicam

At the AUSA 2022 international trade fair in Australia, GORE-TEX has presented an interesting proposal on hot to use their new product. We are talking about a stretch fabric in Multicam camouflage, presented in the form of rain kits.

As the manufacturer assures, GORE-TEX STRECH guarantees up to 25% greater "breathability" compared to other fabrics of this type. In addition, most importantly, and as indicated by the name of the product, it provides extensibility, which significantly increases the possibilities of creating products that enable better user mobility. Thanks to the elimination of stresses resulting from the use of stiff fabrics, it is possible to create extremely well-fitting clothes that will not restrict the user's movements. Of course, it is also waterproof and does not allow wind to pass through it.

With the presented example one can soon expect new types of rainwear, it is worth remembering that it is a product with versatile use in mind. Among other things, it can also find its place in the footwear industry, thanks to which the new shoes can gain more flexibility while maintaining all the advantages of using a membrane.




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