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BlackbeardX AR laser trainer

BlackbeardX AR laser trainer

BlackbeardX AR laser trainer

Have you ever wondered if there is a possibility of dryfire rifle training at home with the possibility of analyzing the work on the trigger? BlackbeardX is the answer to that question! This trainer will allow you to enter the next level of using weapons in your four walls.

The set consists of a module replacing the bolt carrier and the magazine. After installing in a rifle compliant with the AR-15 standard, we get the option of dryfiring without the need to charge the weapon each time, because the new Blackbeard resets the trigger.

Thanks to the combination of MantixX and Blackbeard, we gain access to a powerful tool for analyzing live data. In addition, and more importantly, it will allow not only static, but also dynamic training. How is it possible? All thanks to the technology based on tracing the laser beam. By using your smartphone and a dedicated iOS and Android application, we gain access to many interesting options.

It is worth mentioning, however, that it tracks the work of the trigger, the movement of the barrel in relation to the target, time and repeatability. All statistics are recorded and analyzed. An interesting option are the programmed modes, which diversify the training and are designed to improve our skills. Such a set has a lot of sense for many reasons. It is obvious that we are not using ammunition, the prices of which have increased sharply in recent years.

Additionally, we gain access to many statistics that may indicate our mistakes. Finally, we can do all this with our carbine, working on its trigger, virtually anywhere. The set consists of an imitation bolt carrier with laser pointers and a hidden power supply in the form of a magazine.

Details of the variants and possibilities will be revealed soon in the extensive MantisX test, which also has many of these options.

You can view the official MantisX profile on Youtube presentation of the possibilities offered by BlackbeardX




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