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ARIC bolt carrier group

ARIC bolt carrier group

ARIC bolt carrier group

Bolt carrier group for AR designs that allows to get rid of the buffer tube. Law Tactical ARIC (AR Internal Carrier) replaces the standard bolt carrier, spring and bumper. Thanks to its design, it allows mounting of side-folding stocks and the firing of shots regardless of its position.

Of course, the change does not require any additional tools: its enough to open the carbine, take out the original parts and replace them with the ARIC. As a result, the weapon can be returned to its original state at any time. Two versions of the conversion kit are available, depending on the use of silencer or not. Model C is definitely not intended for shooting with a silencer on. Model M is the other way around, except that it allows for occasional use also with a silencer.

The ARIC is available now and there is a limit of two per customer.



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