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Dual folding  adapter by Strike Industries

Dual folding adapter by Strike Industries

Dual folding  adapter by Strike Industries

Strike Industries Dual folding adapter is in fact nothing more than a double-sided folding stock mounted on a rail compatible with the Picatinny standard. The most interesting thing that catches ones attention is the fact that it can be folded in both directions. It is done thanks to a well-thought-out system that gives the option of folding the stock to the left or right at any time without unnecessary prior mechanical interventions. It is worth noting that in the folded position, it is inclined at a 3-degree angle, which allows to operate the manipulators and does not cover the case ejection port.

As I mentioned earlier, in order to use this "adapter", one must have a RIS rail. Such as, for example, in the previously presented Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) ALPHA by Strike Industries . Another option is to install an adapter screwed into the thread of the buffer tube, also offered by the same manufacturer. Combined with "ARIC bolt carrier group" that allows to get rid of the traditional Buffer, and with it the aforementioned tube, one can quite significantly transform a carbine.

The butt of the stock is removable and has a hole for a QD sling mount. The guide is also removable without the use of any tools. Additionally, a plastic cheek pad is offered.

Two videos are available on the official profile of the manufacturer on Youtube:
- the product in action
- a short tutorial



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