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XG8, Poseidon and XO at IWA 2023
XG8, Poseidon and XO at IWA 2023

XG8, Poseidon and XO at IWA 2023

XG8, Poseidon and XO at IWA 2023
XG8, Poseidon and XO at IWA 2023

We have already written about the series of gas-powered pistol replicas from CSI at MOA 2022. The Orion or the XG8 series are already known, so the cross between these replicas in the form of the XO series is a novelty.

In the new series it will be possible to match the frame from one series to the slide from the other. And there is a lot to choose from, because both series offer different styles.

The presented slides from the XG8 series are made of milled aluminum with an even wider range of colors than before. They allow to mount the optics in 3 ways (traditionally on the slide in the cutout, on the prepared mount on the outer barrel or on the RIS rail) or using unusual iron sights mounted on the slide.

In addition, the slide is divided, which reduces its weight and gives it a rather unique look.

The grip, on the other hand, has been greatly simplified, getting rid of the stippling, making it minimally thicker, adding a finger nub at the front of the grip and manufacturer's markings. Comparing grips to the Orion series, the differences are more visual, however users will be able to choose according to their preferences.

Internal parts include a fun switch firing mode switch placed in a similar way as in the AAP01, a dedicated nozzle with a single seal made to a dedicated standard, but despite this, the replica is supposed to work seamlessly with CO2 and Green Gas magazines from WE.

In addition to short magazines available with the replica, long ones with a larger capacity are also to appear. The replicas will be available around April. In addition, the capabilities of the MEDUSA system, a chamber with a tracer unit and a dedicated application to control the system were presented.



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