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AKX by Tokyo Marui
AKX by Tokyo Marui

AKX by Tokyo Marui

AKX by Tokyo Marui
AKX by Tokyo Marui

On March 29, a new replica by Tokyo Marui will be available for purchase. The AKX (as some people have rightly guessed) is a gas-powered AK replica, very similar to the AKM model already offered.

While there hasn't been much change on the inside, many of the exterior parts have been changed from classic to more modern. This includes a new muzzle device mounted on the end of the 8.7 inch barrel, an M-LOK handguard, no rear sight on the gas block and the presence of a top rail running almost the entire length of the replica and a new sight at the rear of the replica.

In order to maintain the stability of the rear rail, it was decided to change the method of locking the cover.

Also, instead of a fixed stock, there is now a RIS adapter for mounting any version. The replica will have a pre-assembled polymer stock with the possibility of folding and a QD socket for attaching a carrying sling.

Ergonomics have been improved by adding a new pistol grip with a design reminiscent of those known from the AR-15 platform and a magazine release replacing the usual lever extended to the trigger guard for faster magazine changes.

The magazines will receive a new casing, and the internal parts will be shared with the AKM replica. The price quoted by the manufacturer is ¥74,800, which is about 530 EUR.

Photos: Tokyo Marui



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