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Battle Belt 1 by Neptune Spear
Battle Belt 1 by Neptune Spear

Battle Belt 1 by Neptune Spear

Battle Belt 1 by Neptune Spear
Battle Belt 1 by Neptune Spear

This text was created as part of an commercial cooperation with Neptune Spear. As always, we have made every effort to ensure that the following article provides reliable information. It presents the author's assessment and does not close the topic for discussion, to which we invite you in the comments.

One of the newer products offered by Neptune Gear company from Częstochowa is the Riggers Belt type stiff belt. However, it is characterized by a rather unusual design, which definitely distinguishes it from the competition, especially among Polish manufacturers of tactical equipment.


Neptune Spear Battle Belt CURV

CURV is made by Propex Fabrics in the German factory of polypropylene composites in Gornau. It is characterized by high stiffness and durability. It does not absorb moisture, which is why it is used in many industries. On March 1, 2022, it was announced that the legendary 1947 LLC would distribute this composite. Therefore, it can be assumed that soon we will see more of it in new tactical belts made by other manufacturers.

The entire frame of the Battle Belt 1 is made of the CURV. This design is based on it, giving a very rigid structure. By cutting or even extruding (I think) holes along almost its entire length, compatibility with the MOLLE/PALS system was achieved. It is worth noting that this was made from a single piece of composite. Unfortunately, here I have to stick to the aesthetics. While it does not change anything from the point of view of functionality, the edges of the holes are not smooth. One can feel the numerous indentations and protrusions of the frayed polypropylene. I suppose this is due to the difficulty of getting a better effect due to technological limitations. This is something that should be looked at in the future.


Neptune Spear Battle Belt velcro

The edges of the belt are trimmed with Multicam camouflage. Not only does it look very aesthetic, but it additionally covers any sharper edges of the black composite from which the belt's frame is made. On the outside we will also find a bit of Cordura 500D fabric. The same one is on the inside, slightly shining through the cut holes in the CURV. There is also a Velcro hooks surface sewn on it. Unfortunately, it is this type of Velcro that will stick to one's body. Therefore, if we do not intend or simply do not have a belt for trousers with a Velcro loop, after prolonged use, it will pill the fabric of the trousers, damaging them. So it somehow forces us to use the Pants Belt PB-1, which I will mention later. There are solutions that eliminate this quite common problem in the case of Riggers Belts using Velcro.

The Buckle

Neptune Spear Battle Belt buckle austriaalpin

Produced by AustriaAlpin, the FM25KVF buckle has a strength of up to 4kN, which completely exceeds the possible stresses that could be generated when using the BB-1. If, however, it happened that during an emergency towing of a car (we do not recommend it) this metal element would be damaged, we have the option of replacing it. A very well-thought-out option of putting the buckle on straps, which stick to the belt with Velcro from the inside, also allows us to adjust the circumference. We can secure the excess tape with double-sided Velcro One Wrap so that it does not stick out.

The Tail Catch

Neptune Spear Battle Belt TailCatch

This is the working name that Neptune Spear gave to the BB-1 feature to further increase the rigidity of the structure. Namely, we are talking about a belt loop through which we have to pass the other end of the belt. Precisely sewn and measured amount of fabric tightly covers the other end of the composite. In fact, we get the intended effect, without additional Velcro or elastic elements. However, one must remember to choose the right size. If one buys a belt with excess circumference, this function may be a bit disturbing. When we push the rigid part through the provided loop, it starts to push the Velcro apart and puts up a lot of resistance after a while. In the case of the correct selection of the belt length, this problem does not occur.

The Pants Belt PB-1

Neptune Spear Battle Belt Multicam

I mentioned earlier about the problems that may arise from using the BB-1 without an inner belt. Therefore, it is worth immediately purchasing a dedicated solution from the same manufacturer. The inner belt is aesthetically sewn from tape and Velcro in Multicam camouflage. Noteworthy is the double stitching going side by side, from the bottom and the top. The width of 50 mm is also a good choice, which is 5 millimeters more than the BB-1. Thanks to this, we are sure that the entire surface of the sharp Velcro hooks will be covered.


Neptune Spear Battle Belt Multicam Velcro

The complete solution of combining the BB-1 with the PB-1 is convenient. The Pants Belt 1 is flexible enough not to pinch when put through the belt loops. However, not so much that it does not provide sufficient support for the load-bearing structure, which is the BB-1. This one, however, when worn correctly, should cover the user's hips well. Which it in fact does, and also does not crease after prolonged wear. Compatibility with other pouches is impeccable: all the ones I used fit. Mounting a holster was also not a problem, and Velcro was used for stabilization so that it would not move. More can be said after longer use, also outside a shooting range. At this time, in terms of ergonomics and durability, I can only praise Neptune Spear.

What kind of belt is the Neptune Gear Battle Belt 1?

Neptune Spear Battle Belt set

It is an innovative design based on the CURV composite, not nylon tapes or the TEGRIS already known from similar products. It definitely seems interesting, especially when looking at comparably priced belts. The aesthetics of processing the frame itself needs to be refined, and one could possibly consider using a different type of hook Velcro. Finally, the product is very successful and more importantly, comfortable. This is a big plus.

The BB-1 belt and the PB-1 belt sizes:

  • XS - 18 Molle - 74 - 89 cm / PB-1 95 cm
  • S - 20 Molle - 82 - 97 cm / PB-1 100 cm
  • M - 22 Molle - 90 - 105 cm / PB-1 110 cm
  • L - 24 Molle - 97 - 112 cm / PB-1 115 cm
  • XL - 26 Molle - 106 - 121 cm / PB-1 125 cm

The PB-1 and rhe BB-1 are available in Multicam, Coyote Brown, Black and Ranger Green

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