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Tokyo Marui P90 Plus
Tokyo Marui P90 Plus

Tokyo Marui P90 Plus

Tokyo Marui P90 Plus
Tokyo Marui P90 Plus

Tokyo Marui replicas are already iconic in our community, but newer versions or models are still being introduced and internal parts are being improved. The last model that got some upgrades is the P90 PLUS version.

The freshly improved replica is to have an additional PLUS system, which includes an FET system replacing the mechanical contact switch with a micro switch, thanks to which the trigger is to be more responsive, have shorter travel and increased the durability. It will also be possible to operate the trigger as a progressive one, similarly to the Steyr AUG replicas - pulling in half way fires a single shot and pulling it all the way result in fully automatic fire. The FET system will be additionally controlled by the MCU, controlling the operation of the entire system or monitoring the battery or protecting the whole against unforeseen accidents.

In addition to these novelties, we will also find the already known realistic design with a matte texture, a high mount for optics with rails on three sides or magazines holding 68 BBs with dummy cartridges visible.

The release date of the new version will take place on May 17, and the manufacturer's quoted price is ¥36,800, which is about 275 USD.

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