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MARSH Leader School 2023
MARSH Leader School 2023

MARSH Leader School 2023

MARSH Leader School 2023
MARSH Leader School 2023

On May 6, in Małecz (Łódź Voivodeship), the second edition of MARSH Leader School training workshops, prepared by MARSH - Airsoft, took place. Nearly 60 participants took part in the classes (the limit of participants has been reached).

MARSH - Airsoft is a team of organizers, which was established on the initiative of Hammer ASG Team - Śląsk, and currently brings together players from various groups who share common values: commitment and the desire to raise the level of preparation of airsoft games to a higher level. The achievements of people who are part of MARSH - Airsoft include such events as "Fedrunek", "MARSH" and many others.

Participants of the event had the opportunity to stay overnight at the campsite at the ZHP center in Małecz.

MARSH Leader School is an integration and training initiative addressed to players who play leadership roles in their teams, as well as to other people who want to learn the secrets of effective command, radiocommunication, navigation or combat at night. The value of the knowledge passed on was supported by the fact that the staff running some thematic blocks has experience that goes far beyond airsoft.

In the interests of the participants' safety and their approach to the subject with a fresh mind, during this year's edition of the workshop, players were allowed to arrive one day before the classes and leave the day after their conclusion. For this purpose, a part of the area belonging to the ZHP in Małecz center, which hosted the entire event, was designated as a campsite.

Saturday morning, shortly before the start of the theoretical part of the training.

The theoretical part of the training (along with a discussion of the upcoming MARSH Revolution 2023 game) started on Saturday at 9:00 am and lasted until 6:00 pm with short breaks. Members of groups such as CKSW Parasol, Blackops Group Poland, Hammer ASG Team - Śląsk and RQS Team were responsible for the course.

After the end of theoretical classes, those willing could take part in short airsoft maneuvers prepared by the Bridge Burners and Snow Panther teams, covering activities after dark. Thus, it was possible to test in practice some of the previously discussed elements and watch the members of the more recognizable Polish groups that regularly take part in night airsoft games.

The room that was used during the training session also served as a place for discussion, exchange of experiences and integration. The last participants left it at 4:30 am on Sunday.

After the end of the practical part, the participants gathered again in the training room to discuss their activities, thoughts, share interesting experiences and integrate further.

Based on the opinions that have already appeared in social media, this year's edition of MARSH Leader School can be considered a success. The organizing team of MARSH - Airsoft once again showed that various Polish airsoft communities have broad horizons and motivations, and apart from pure, sports competition, they are equally willing to share knowledge and seek cooperation.

The topics discussed during the event often went beyond the purely airsoft subject matter.



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