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VSSK Vykhlop - replica from Silverback Airsoft
VSSK Vykhlop - replica from Silverback Airsoft

VSSK Vykhlop - replica from Silverback Airsoft

VSSK Vykhlop - replica from Silverback Airsoft
VSSK Vykhlop - replica from Silverback Airsoft

During the IWA 2024 Silverback, the company behind the entire range of spring-loaded replicas, such as the SRS, TAC-41 and the MDR-X sniper rifle, has presented upcoming new products. In addition to the already known MDR-X model, a replica of the Micron carbine, chambered in by 5.56x45 mm, has been prepared.

The new replica shares the general outline of the receiver, internal parts and colors with its bigger brother. The biggest change is the use of a short barrel and handguard, which significantly reduces its length. Details, such as the fixed charging handle have also changed. We also know that these will not be the last replicas from the MDR family, and variants with various barrel length will appear in the near future.

There will also be some internal changes. The new replicas will receive an improved ETU system produced by the T238, with the features such as programming, counting shots fired and other.

There have also been significant changes in the category of spring-loaded replicas. The most famous of them is a replica of a rifle from the Eastern Block. The VSSK Vykhlop, originally chambered in 12.7x55 mm, is quite an exotic design.

Silverback reproduced the design of this straight pull sniper rifle based on proven elements and solutions from the SRS replicas. This includes components such as the piston, spring, guide and cylinder. The charging handle is moved further forward compared to the SRS design. It will also be possible to move the it to the other side for left-handed people, but this will require an additional part.

Just like the original, the replica has an integrated sound suppressor that protects the inner barrel. Despite hiding parts of the inner barrel, all its details were still recreated.

Under the handguard, there is a short section of rail for grips.

The replica will be equipped with a large magazine holding 160 BBs.
The series of spring-loaded TAC-41 replicas has also received new models. In addition to the already known one, the TAC-41 Lite and TAC-41 Lite Sport models will be added.

The Lite variant is the lighter brother of the P version. The Lite Sport version takes a new approach, being a more budget variant with the stock made of polymer. The whole thing is more monolithic thanks to the removal of the casing ejection port, has a skeleton rail for mounting optics and screws for rigid connection of parts.

A metal variant with a closed port design is also being prepared. Some internal elements were made of polymer, such as the hop-up chamber, and the piston was replaced with an aluminum one with a nylon guide. The differences are visible in the price, where the TAC-41 Lite variant will cost EUR 335 and the TAC-41 Lite Sport variant EUR 200.



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