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'Tiódmo Taila Poza Szlakiem' 19-21/04 bushcraft rally
'Tiódmo Taila Poza Szlakiem' 19-21/04 bushcraft rally

'Tiódmo Taila Poza Szlakiem' 19-21/04 bushcraft rally

'Tiódmo Taila Poza Szlakiem' 19-21/04 bushcraft rally
'Tiódmo Taila Poza Szlakiem' 19-21/04 bushcraft rally

We would like to remind you that the portal is created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you about events related to our interests. This is the case with the 'Tiódmo Taila Poza Szlakiem' rally, which brings together the bushcraft community, a group somewhat related to our passion for activities related to the broadly understood outdoors. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to send us press releases about rallies, meeting and similar events. There is a good chance that even if we do not grant media patronage, we will share information about them at our website.

Below is the content of the press release we received and a few photos from previous editions.

The idea started by Jacek 'Viking' from the "Jacek Viking" Youtube channel and Marcin 'Morden' from the "Postapokaliptycznie przez świat" Youtube channel. Its aim is to bring together people with different passions who have one common denominator - the forest and the desire to spend their free time in the bosom of nature. Over time, the Poza Szlakiem team has grown significantly, with passionate people who put their hearts into making each edition of the rally unforgettable. Marcin 'Hofman' also joined the team - a true scout and military enthusiast.

Bushcraft has become very fashionable for some time, especially in the survival and outdoor community. What is it really? The origin of the term combines two words - bush and craft. It means a forest craft, skills related to survival and living in the wilderness using its natural resources. These include making bonfires, tracking, hunting, fishing, building shelters, navigating, using basic tools, finding food, obtaining water, carving wood, constructing containers, weaving ropes and cords, and many other. Over time, the passion turns into a lifestyle, and its elements are also incorporated outside the forest, in civilized everyday life. The basic equipment is a backpack, a knife, an ax or a saw, a fire starter, a tarp, a mug, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad or a hammock, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a camping stove, and a water bottle. In addition to the all this, you can often find smaller accessories that will make forest trips easier and more enjoyable. You can get by without them, but as long as you don't go for minimalism and completely lighten your backpack, it's worth having at least some of them: a sharpener, a bracelet and paracords, a mosquito net, containers and waist packs, cutlery, a water filter, gloves, a survival kit, a multitool or a penknife.

"One forest - many passions", this is the motto that has guided Poza Szlakiem from the very beginning. It turns out that elements of bushcraft, consciously or not, have been popularized in many communities, such as off-road, caravanning, trecking, militaristic - it is impossible to mention them all here. These communities have one common denominator - the forest and the desire to spend time in the bosom of nature.

The Poza Szlakiem team - people so similar to each other, but at the same time so different in their approach. The practical approach clashed with the prepper approach. The exchange of views and experiences resulted in the desire to create something bigger - a place where people with similar passions, similar or completely different approaches could sit around a common bonfire and exchange views. There is also a place at this fire for novices and beginners who are just gaining experience and need advice. And also those who are not yet convinced whether this lifestyle is right for them.

The result of the cooperation between the Poza Szlakiem team and the Mates was the organization of the "Poza Szlakiem" rally, which took place in Lędziny in the Silesian Voivodeship. The event has become a regular event, and 'Tiódmo Taila Poza Szlakiem' will be held on April 19-21. In addition to colleagues and partners, the event is attended by speakers and animators who prepare lectures, workshops and dynamic and manual classes for participants of the rally, both adults and children. Starting from the second edition, an auction is held during the rally, the proceeds of which are donated to the "Mysikrólik" Rehabilitation Center to Help Wild Animals from Bielsko-Biała.

The event brings together broadly understood outdoor communities interested in tourist and field activities such as Offroad, Survival, Bushcraft, Military, Preppering, Caravaning and many others. During the rally there are lectures on a very wide range of topics, for example: first aid, life in the forest for children, herbal medicine, how to break and repair a KRAZ truck, welding in the field, creating leather products, travelers' stories, technical workshops on archery, making and throwing knives, air gun shooting, basic ways of tying ropes, meetings with hammock manufacturers, basics of mountaineering taught by members of the SAR association.

So far, we have organized the following attractions for participants: a zip line, off-road rides, a military equipment show and competitions: timed saw cutting, a signpost competition, a competition for the best knife, etc. The competitions are cyclical.

Poza Szlakiem is not just an ordinary meeting of people with a passion for bushcraft, survival or outdoors. It's a real community that brings together people from different backgrounds, but with one common goal - spending time in the forest and developing their wilderness survival skills.

Beyond the trail is a family meeting where we can enjoy time spent together, without rush and everyday duties. It is a perfect opportunity to relax, have fun, talk and integrate with your loved ones. It is also a time to relax, take a break from everyday life and recharge your batteries. A family reunion is a great way to build bonds, support each other and create a strong and close-knit family.

Even though the idea was taken from Jacek 'Viking' and Marcin 'Morden', it quickly turned out that this passion attracts more and more people with similar interests. This diversity in the Poza Szlakiem team makes each meeting or rally an unforgettable event that gives the opportunity to exchange experiences and make new friends.

Bushcraft is not only about skills related to survival in the wilderness, but also a lifestyle that we also apply to everyday life. Basic equipment, which becomes an integral part of expeditions, is only the beginning - smaller accessories can make life in the forest significantly easier.

Rallies organized by Poza Szlakiem are not only an opportunity to acquire new skills or participate in interesting lectures, but also a way to integrate people from various outdoor communities . These events bring together off-road, bushcraft, caravanning and military enthusiasts who have one thing in common - love for nature.

Competitions, workshops, lectures and animations held during rallies are not only an opportunity to learn, but are also great fun and an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people.

Poza Szlakiem is not only a group of people with a passion for bushcraft, it is a community that shares its experiences and skills, supporting each other in the development and exploration of nature. One forest – many passions – this is the motto that perfectly reflects the spirit of this community.





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