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Wilson Combat CQB Elite

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Wilson Combat CQB Elite GBB by Socom Gear is a custom replica made on the basis of WE body.



Wilson Combat is a company specialized in custom handgun production. Since its foundation in 1977, Wilson Combat gained fame for becoming the biggest producer of custom pistols made on the basis of 1911 and accessories to 1911 family.


Its products  are known for high quality and innovative solutions. Its quality is desireable standard for most of the pistol producers. In the company offer we may find a broad range of parts, accessories made of number of materials, so it provides broad range of pistol personalisation options.


Wilson Combat pistols are offered with three types of body: made of stainless steel, carbo steel or lightweight aluminium. It offers its pistols in a number of calibres: .45 ACP, 9mm, .38 Super, .40 S&W and 10mm. Next to pistols itself, the most recognisable products of Wilson Combat are highly reliable 1911 .45ACP stainless steel magasines. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, it has a leading position among producers of custom short firearms, good trust of consumers and the good reputation.




Replica is delivered in a full solid cardboard box. There is nothing worth mentioning about the design, it is just aesthetic and rigid. On the box, there is a sticker with a photo of a replica and basic information (just like the promotional poster on the producer website).

In the box there is styrofoam protection and some fabric cover. In the box there is a replica and two mags. Apart from that there is an English manual, covering clearly all the necessary information and safety measures related to replica's maintanance




Pistol is quite heavy and properly balanced. It is handy. In comparison, to standard 1911 by Wei Tech (military type) it seems a bit heavier. It gives more of the feeling of having a real firearm in your hand than the standard 1911 WE (military).


Thanks to grip texture, it is easy to keep it firm in your hand.


Slide and body metal gives a cold feeling. The paint there is dark gray (almost fading into black-lead).


All movable parts, work well. All parts are quite well matched, though what is typical for GBB replicas, slide gets some play on the sides. It results in some rattling sound if quickly shaked, but it is not too bothersome. Trigger is not too tight, has some loose feeling which is especially noticeable when it is in safe mode though it does not have any impact on trigger work.




Replica was made on license of Wilson Combat. Beatiful rubber grip paddings with a thumb notch are very comfortable. As for the Socom Gear statement, those are Wilson Combat paddings dedicated to real 1911.


Replica has a lower Rail Interface System in the front.


Basic model of real Wilson Combat CQB Elite does not have RIS in standard. Marks on the body are engraved with a bit different font to the original (below real CQB Elite).


Socom Gear replica is rather resembling CQB version which is equipped with RIS, but it doesn't go with "Elite" marks on the slide. Except for this tiny difference, replica is resembling Wilson Combat product very well (below more of the photos of the real CQB).


Black paint is of a very good quality, durable - much better than in the other 1911 models (which I could compare) like WE or CyberGun. Intensive usage, might wear through paint on the edges which gives even more natural look. There is no way it would loose paint with ugly slices, which happens with WE replicas. Sights with white dots are clear, visible even in a dim light. Rear sight may be adjusted.



Since replica is based on WE body, 1911 magazines made by this producer would fit.  Outer barrel, have inner thread, which with proper converter makes it possible to attach a silencer.




Replica has licenced marks of Wilson Combat. On the grip paddings there is "Wilson's" logo.


On the left side of the slide, there is a producer name: "WILSON COMBAT";


Same is on the left side of the magazine foot.


On the right side of the slide: "CQB ELITE";


On the outer barrel: ".45 ACP";


On the left side of the body, there are no marks, except for a small circle with "WE", in the upper-front of the trigger cover.


On the right side of the body, there is a small font caption, starting a bit over grip padding and over the trigger: "WILSON COMBAT BERRYVILLE. AR U.S.A." Unfortunately, Socom Gear have added: "MADE IN TAIWAN" next to "WCT888". As far as I am concerned, producer might drop the "made in..." part which spoils the realism. Fortunately it is very small and placed in the middle of the caption which actually should be there.




Wilson Combat mags are same with standard 1911 WE mags, with capacity of 15 BBs.


BB feeder may be locked in pulled down position, but notch which is suppose to keep it in place is pretty shallow, so while loading BBs it is better to secure it additionaly by keeping a finger in the way.


Magazine have a quite thick foot, which looks nice, but also have some drawbacks. Magazines' feet have some play, and because of its thickness valve is deep inside. It all results that the best to load it with gas - would be metal tip container.


If you decide to refill gas with plastic tip container, it may be bended, broken and it is easier to get some leaks. It may be even impossible to refill since some plastic tips are much shorter. It has to be as upright as possible, otherwise we may waste a lot of gas.




HU chamber with a knob which we gain access to, after removing the slide.




After taking first shots, to my surprise, it came out to work very well. Slide goes back and forth quickly and smoothly: all 15 shots may be taken in a blink of an eye. It is almost not getting cool down effect (it happend only once, in below 0'C degree). Obviously velocity and range is visibly affected by temperature, but it is true for all gas charged replicas. Trigger is quite deep, but it doesn't affect comfort of taking a shot. It doesn't resist much, and travels smoothly.





1. Muzzle velocity and energy


Muzzle velocity and energy was tested with 0.2g BBs and for comparison with 0.23g and 0.25g BBs.


Muzzle velocity with 0.2g BB : 269fps;

Energy: 0.67J



Detailed tests:

Weight | fps | m/s | energy

0.2g | 269 | 83 | 0.67J

0.23g | 262 | 80 | 0.7J

0.25g | 237 | 72 | 0.7J


2. Accuracy and convergence test on the distances of 10 m, 15 m and 20 m.


Replica as for gas charged model, has a very good shots recurrence. ( Accuracy and convergence was incomparably better with several other GBB GG and CO2 replicas I had in my hands.)  Test performed on silhouette target with A4 piece of paper (21 x 29,7 cm) placed in the centre. Shots were taken with 0.2g and 0.25g BB. Measured with tape measure. Each time 7 shots taken.

Test taken indoor with 0.2g BB, on the distance of 15m all seven shots hit A4 piece of paper. Hits were enclosed in the circle of 15cm diameter. Four closest points were in the distance of 50mm.

During open air tests I used 0.2g, 0.23g and 0.25g BBs.

Weather conditions: wind 32km/h, temperature 16'C. Quite a strong wind was affecting trajectory, so when taking a shot i had to take some corrections. Obviously BBs of higher weight where more accurate at this weather.

No matter the wind (dragging pellets to the left) 95% shots hit the silhouette, and majority hit A4.


0,2 g BBs:


On the distance of 10m, all seven shots hit A4. Most distant hits in the range of 180mm. Five closest points in the circle of 75mm diameter.


On the distance of 15m all seven shots hit silhouette, 4 out of 7 hit A4. Most distant hits in the range of 65mm. Three closest points in the circle of 40mm diameter.


On the distance of 20m 6 out of 7 shots hit silhouette, but I couldn't hit A4.


0,23 g BBs:


On the distance of 10m, 6 out of 7 shots in A4. Most distant hits in the range of 160mm. Three closest hits in the circle of 45mm diameter.


On the distance of 15m, 6 out of 7 hits in silhouette (all six in A4). Most distant hits in the range of 140mm. Three closest hits enclosed in the circle of 45mm diameter.


On the distance of 20m, 6 out of 7 hits in silhouette, out of which 5 in A4. Most distant hits in the range of 140mm. Three closest hits enclosed in the circle of 90mm diameter.



0,25 g BB:


On the distance of 10m, all seven hits in A4. Most distant hits in the range of 100mm. Five closest shots in the circle of 70mm.


On the distance of 15m, 6 out of 7 hits in silhouette (all of them in A4). Most distant hits in the range of 115mm. Three closest shots in the circle of 90mm diameter.


On the distance of 20m, 6 out of7 hits in silhouette, out of which 5 in A4. Most distant hits in the range of 100mm. Three closest hits enclosed in the circle of 50mm.


3. Maximum and effective


Wind strongly affected 0.2g BBs accuracy, their trajectory was parabolic. The heavier the BBs were, it was closer to flat trajectory. Effective range of this pistol is around 20 meters. There are possible hits of silhouette target in longer distance though chances of hitting a target over 20 meters is low. Maximum range is more than 30 meters.


4. Gas consumption (how much from one refilling) and gas effectiveness (how much velocity is affected with gas).


With one refilling I was able to empty two and a half mags, so over 40 BBs and untill the very last shot range and accuracy on the effective distance (20m) was not affected that much, that it would be impossible to hit a target. Because we get two mags with the replica, it gives us 80 shots so, without refilling the gas - which is not bad.



Socom Gear Wilson Combat is the best 1911 replica I had ever had in my hands, both as for the quality, resemblance details and as well for accuracy. This replica might be summarized in two words: beatiful and effective.

On the distances of CQB, like 10-15 meters, this pistol is unrivalled. (it is worth to remember that even though for indoor games 0.2g BBs would be enough, for open air games it might be necessary to use 0.23g or even 0.25g to minimize wind influence).

It is only a replica, and therefore it has its drawbacks, but I could recommend it to any even most choosy fan of "11". Its smooth action, the look would be appreciated by any player who needs a good and accurate pistol, which not only would be useful during gameplay, but as well has original, attractive look.



(Translation by Bukhart)


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