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MP5A5 PBB Top Tech

This article comes from an older version of the portal and its display (especially images) may deviate from current standards.

AEG TMP5A5 is a Top Tech MP5 sub-machinegun replica, with folded stock and with pneumatic blow back system.


MP5 SMG produced by the German Heckler und Koch was, as far as the mechanism and construction is concerned, largely based on G3 carbine. Design was ready as early as in 1964. It was first introduced to official use in 1966, though characteristic "arched" magazine was introduced later in 1976. Previous versions were using only box magazines. It was first used by the German federal police, border guard and some German Army units and later also it was introduced in other countries. With a time it became one of the most popular SMG used mainly by a police and army special units. It gained some fame thanks to loud anti-terrorist operations, among them those performed by the British SAS, likewise by number of movies where it was used in almost every important crime / action movie. It works with 9x19mm Parabellum. It has a number of variations of stock, frontgrip and magazine capacity. SD series are equipped with an integrated silencer. TLF have a flashlight integrated in a frontgrip. MP5A5 Navy has both sides fire mode selector and extendable stock.


TMP5A5 replica by Top Tech which is a top brand of G&G from Taiwan, is an example of care for marketing value of the box and the product manual. It would be nice if every producer of airsoft replicas could get so attractive and at the same time practical wrapping for their products.


Replica is wrapped in full, solid, black cardboard box. On the front and on the sides there is a logo and the company brand name. On the front there is also an aesthetic sticker with a replica outline. On the back you may find gearbox illustration and introduction to pneumatic blow back system. On the right you may find pictures of all the available MP5 replicas with PBB system.


It is not the usual styrofoam filling with just a cover, but it is a regular box opened from the side. Inside there is a pressurised styrofoam filling in marble pattern. It looks nice.


Replica and accessories fit well in the box though before we opened the box we heard some rattle noise inside. It was due to loose  RIS side-rails, but they were well separated from the replica and other accessories.


Centrally located styrofoam cover with G&G Armament logo, fits tight and perfectly prevents any loose movement of a replica.



Except for a replica in the box you find one hi cap magazine, upper RIS rail with Allen key, QD type flash hider, side RIS rails with Allen screws, ramrod, manual and a BB pack.


English language manual is just faultless with some attractive design and good quality printing. You may find there a short comic story illustrating clearly what kind of damage may be done to yourself or others if  replica is used in unproper way.


Every activity regarding replica maintanance as well as its construction/ disassemble are clearly illustrated with good quality pictures. Even proper ramrod usage or maintanance with silicon oil are precisely explained.


You receive also ID card of genuine Top Tech replica.



Every since the first glance it looks very good. Even though this replica, likewise the real MP5 is pretty lightweight, it wouldn't give you "a toy" impression.  It is well balanced and parts are well paired. No part would have unnecessary play or squeaky sound.


If you shake and tremble it with force, you would only hear the dummy breech plate cover (empty case ejector), which should not be surprising if breech movement simulation is concerned - it just has to move pretty easily.


Stock is folding and unfolding with just a bit of resistance, but it is not too loose at all - which was common for most of the other MP5 replicas. Both folded and unfolded stock are solid and stable. There is just a bit of a play while unfolded but when pressed against the shoulder - it is properly stable.


In our opinion, MP5 sliding folded stock by Top Tech is the best overall stock, among other producers, we had a chance to review. Stock foot is made of hard rubber, much more comfy than a metal or ABS ones.


Pin in the stock nest is secured wih locking, which properly prevents from loosing it. Both front-grip and a body pin are also secured with the same locking.


Replica is handy and has a comfortable grip - just a bit rough (made of ABS as well as lower body).



As mentioned above, replica makes a really good impression.


It resembles original properly. Upper metal body is one part, not as it was in other replicas - made of two parts.


There are weld imitations and body black surface gives a nice feeling.


Replica is made of aluminium, steel, magnesium, zinc and ABS. Parts made of steel include magazine shell and small parts like barrel rifling cap, muzzle, muzzle base front, pins and screws, stock nest with a sling ear, QD flash hider locking lever, RIS rail latches and dummy breech cover (steel parts are indicated with magnets on the photo)


Steel latch over mag socket (on the photo below) is fixed with rivets, not with screws as it occurs in other replicas. It is an advantage as far as real gun resemblance is concerned.


Adjustment screw in the pistol grip is also made of steel.


Pistol grip foot is obviously not resembling a real gun which is not a surprise in an AEG type replica, though it might have been made in more aesthetic manner. The part with adjustment screw is protruding from pistol grip. As an advantage we should mention steel riflings where screws mounting the foot are fixed.


Parts made of plastic have some protruding mould lines or other small shape defects. Fortunately it is hard to notice them.


Handguard made of mat-black ABS with some graphite tint has a lower RIS rail and it is possible to attach two side rails which you receive with a replica.


Handguard is made of two parts which are not glued together but clasped together and secured with a lower RIS rail. From one point of view it may prove useful when connecting battery though it might also result in disengage of parts while placing the handguard with already connected battery. As in other MP5 replicas it has some sideways play, but it does not affect usage of replica.


Outer barrel end has a nut, under which, there is a classic 14mm rifling which might be used to mount a silencer.


Additional QD type flash hider is made of metal.


Mechanical drum type rearsight has a sideways adjustment. It has no any noth sight at all, only see-through sights (four of different diameter).


Drum rearsight along with its base is made in a negligent way. It has a number of unevens and protruding mould leftovers. As a big disadvantage we see wide play of a drum itself. Drum settings are not that noticeable and while in one setting it has some sideways play, it could affect the accuracy of aiming. As an advantage we should mention upper RIS rail which makes it easy to attach non-mechanical sights.


On the contrary: muzzle is made very accurately and it is one of the eye catching, good looking details of this replica.


Both sides fire mode selector lever has a proper *click* on settings, though it tends to jump from one to another setting.  It does not affect usage much, because lever itself has no unwanted play. Lever works similarily to other brands MP5 replicas.


When on full automatic setting it might move a bit too far, where it would almost reach out to pistol grip edge. It might touch the shooter's arm and therefore, affect the comfort of usage - especially to those with a big palm. Nevertheless this issue is common for other MP5 replicas, it might be due to the size and the mechanism of fire mode selector lever in this AEG family.


Upper RIS rail, easily mounted with cramps attached with Allen key screws is very stable and solid.


Optic sights fit well and feel are very stable, there is no play at all.



Replica has no licensed marks. There are no emblems on drum rearsight neither. However there are both sides fire mode marks, embossed in the body surface. They are clear and aesthetic.



Replica works with mini type battery, "V"-shaped cross section battery or twins, because those batteries would fit in the handguard. It might be possible to fit also some of the small LiPo batteries - like those divided. It is not easy to get the custom battery placed, because there is a very little space inside the handguard. As in the most of the replicas with the battery inside the handguard, it is pretty troublesome and requires dose of patience to connect and fit the battery properly.



To access small hop up adjustment lever, inside the dummy case eject chamber, slide dummy reload lever and lock it in backward position. Hop up is adjusted by pushing the lever forward (take out spin) or backward (add spin).






Start with removing rear pin and take out stock with its base. Then disconnect wires ( rear side ).



Then remove front pin and slide down the handguard.


When you remove the third pin next to the mag socket, it is possible to disengage upper and lower body.


Next steps are the same as any other MP5 replica: remove fire mode selector, disconnect and take out the engine and slide gearboxout of the lower body. To take apart the front, unscrew the barrel and next release a latch of a barrel yoke, by pressing it through a hole in the body.


Take out the barrel yoke.




Gearbox V2 is almost same with standard model except for additional pneumatic blow back module. This system is for sure far better than standard EBB where slide is attached directly to piston. PBB system would not bear a risk of damaging the piston.


Dummy breech cover movement is propelled by compressed air.


Screws keeping both parts of gearbox body were not properly fixed, but apart from that gearbox makes a very good impression: sturdy frame, wide diameter wires. It is just one of the best stock gearboxes we have ever seen. Its parts are well paired and it can be taken apart and put back together without the risk of surprising burst of parts from inside.


Plastic spring slide goes with bearings.


Irregular action spring.


8mm ball bearings.


Racks are made of steel. Engine rack have five antireversal cogs.


Piston and cylinder set is tight, leakproof and makes a good impression overall. Piston head is made of aluminium. Cylinder head is made of brass. Cylinder is not standard, it has a small hole (upper front).



This hole has a characteristic shaped gasket, fixed in a gearbox frame cut in. This way air is propelled to PBB module, placed on the top of the gearbox.


On the back of the cylinder, there is a shallow cut in, which keeps it in a right place inside the gearbox.


Pneumatic blow back system elements are presented below: dummy breech, small piston with a spring, module frame (black) and a small brass cylinder.


It is hard to define the engine type, since it bears no marks at all. One thing we can say: it shines.


2. Inner barrel and HU chamber.

Stock inner barrel is 232mm long. Hop up chamber seems similar to those known from AK series.


Stock HU rubber works very well.




Hi cap magazine which we get as a standard with a replica is made of steel and plastic and has a capacity of 200BB. While in the socket it has no unwanted sideways play. In general mag feeds pellets well, in single and auto mode but it has to be properly winded up.


Unfortunately winder is preety loose, so it rattles when you carry an empty mag.


On the left lower part of the mag, there is a 9mmx19 IF mark engraved.


There are two ways to release a mag: by pressing a release button right side of the body over the mag socket;


Or by pushing a lever behind the mag socket.


We have tested a replica with MAG mid caps, and ICS hi cap magazines. Both fit in the socket and feed pellets properly, though ICS mags fit pretty tight.



Replica has a pneumatic blow back system which simulates breech movement. It is an interesting solution in comparison to classic EBB.Its movement is pretty short - at maximum 20mm. It is hard to say about any recoil it just simulates breech movement, though while shooting it adds some vibration. It gives more feeling than a regular EBB.

Gearbox work is smooth and sound is proper. Mechanism works swimmingly.

While shooting with bursts, you may observe big differences in range. Some of the pellets, especially those last in each burst reach visibly shorter range, it does not affect the accuracy in short distances though.

HU adjustment is very smooth as well. It adds spin properly to 0.2g BB as well as 0.25g. Replica shoots very well with both types of BBs, which result in a good effective and maximum range.



1. Muzzle velocity and energy.


Muzzle velocity and energy was measured with 0.2g BB.

Measured muzzle velocity with 0.2g BB is 353fps while energy is 1.13J.

Measurements are avarage. Muzzle velocity edge values were in the range of 20fps.


Weight | FPS | m/s | energy

0.2g    | 353 | 107 | 1.13J


2. Accuracy and convergence in the distance of 30m.


Test was performed on the sillhouette target with an A4 piece of paper in the centre. Distance was set with a measure tape. Shots taken in the series of 10.  Pellets used in the test: 0.2g Blaster BB and 0.25g ICS BB.


0.2g BB - 10/10 shots in target from which 4/10 in A4.



0.25 g BB - 10/10 shots in sillhouette target, from which 6/10 in A4.


3. Effective and maximum range.

Effective range is around 45m. All of the taken shots taken on this distance hit sillhouette target.

Maximum range is around 55m. It was still possible to hit sillhouette target but with less probability.




In our opinion Top Tech MP5A5 replica is a very interesting product. With a replica you get additional parts, like RIS rails and QD flash hider. Both outer and inner parts quality, not mentioning a few small drawbacks, are of a very good quality. Gearbox has a number of reinforced parts, is very well paired and as for a stock product makes a really good impression. Its work have neither any major issues.

This MP5 hits targets in a far distances with surprising accuracy as for a short inner barrel. Practical test impressions overall are very good.

Even there were some small drawbacks - those does not affect much our good general impression. This replica deserves our sincere recommendation. Among other tested AEGs so far, Top Tech MP5 replica is one of the most interesting ones.


Replica tested thanks to its producer Guay Guay:




Translation by Bukhart



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