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Test pistoletu full metal GBB Snow Wolf SW-03-2

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Gas blow back replica, made by Snow Wolf, SW-03-2 model.



A full metal gas blow back replica of a Beretta pistol, made by Snow Wolf, is designated SW-03. Offered in two versions: SW-03-1 model (the frame has no rail mount) and SW-03-2 model (the frame has a rail mount). The tested version is the SW-03-2 model.





The SW-03-2 replica comes in a thick cardboard box with a lid. The box has a foam insert which secures the replica during transport and immobilizes the pistol and its accessories very well. All is covered with an additional foam rectangle.






The lid has an informative sticker. It presents both SW-03 replica models.





Inside, apart form the replica and the magazine, we will also find: a manual, service keys (including one for HU adjustment) and a pack of BBs. Additionally the box contain a second cylinder and a set of o-rings.






An esthetic manual, illustrated with drawings, explains the basics of handling the SW-03-2 replica.







All the people that saw this replica at first said it look “plastic”. This is caused by the color, since the replica is painted in gun metal and not flat matt black. Yet, upon taking the replica into ones hand, the perspective is changed. Its weight is realistic and the metal is cool to the tough.





The pistol is quite well fitted but, as in many GBB replicas, the slide has a slight slack – which can be heard with moving the replica rapidly. It does not influence the comfort of shooting however.






The replica, made by Snow Wolf, replicates the most important features of the real steel Beretta quite well. However, the quality of the finish is less pleasing – there are visible leftovers and mold halves traces.





This product is not licensed and has no markings. The plastic grips has the manufacturers name and logo on it. The grip:





The logo (a graphic symbol and the name of the manufacturer):





All levers and buttons work properly.






The ambidextrous safety lever:




The SW-03-2 replica has non-adjustable sights. The front sight has a white dot facilitating aiming.






The external barrel is made of plastic.






The pistol has a rail mount for a tactical flashlight or a laser sight.






The magazine holds 24 BBs. It is a double stack type. 





The BBs feeder can be locked in the bottom position, facilitating loading. The magazine spring is strong and feeds well. The floor has no slack (which is often the case in pistol magazines).





The magazine is well fit and the valves have good seal. The only time the gas leeks is when loading the magazine with it and happens sporadically. 








The HU adjustment is done but pulling back the slide and locking it in the real position which exposes the adjustment screw. The system is very similar to the one fount in many KWA replicas. Unfortunately, in the testes replica the HU did not work at all. Regardless of the adjustments made the BB is “pushed” in exactly the same way which influenced the shooting results.
















The replica comes with an additional cylinder, which has two springs and not one. Most probably , together with the o-ring set, it is meant for use when loading the magazine with CO2. This type of gas is mentioned in the manual, in the part that deals with loading the magazine with gas. Yet there is no explanation in English. There is no mentioning of the additional part either.











The BBs are “pushed” by a metal ball placed in the indention of the HU rubber. Turning the adjustment key should push the ball down and the ball should make the bulge on the HU rubber bigger so the BBs are “pushed” harder inside the barrel.






That’s theory. In practice the system is faulty and the ball is always in the same position. This results in the replica behaving like one with no HU or rather with the non-adjusteble HU.
Why is that so?

If the ball would move inside a grove of different depth along the way – the adjustment would work. In the space there the grove is deeper the HU would be loosened since the ball would push less against the HU rubber; in the space where the grove is shallower – the ball would push more against the HU rubber, spinning the BBs more. In the rested replica the whole surface which pushed against the ball was flat therefore it pushed against it in the same manned regardless of the position set. 



Our shooting impressions are mixed. The weight and balance of the pistol made a positive impression. The slide works smoothly but it does not come back on the right place (which does not influence shooting at all).

There were no jams, double feeds or gas siphons. At a short range the accuracy and repetition of shots is good but the lack of the HU adjustment is annoying, especially when targets are further away, which results in the need to use heavier BBs – despite the muzzle velocity of 300 fps.
At grater distances the flight path of 0.25 g BBs is curved upwards and without and adjustable HU it cannot be helped.
At the distance of 15 m (16.40 yd) one can shoot fairly accurately but beyond this range the situation gets worse. At the distance of 25 m (27.34 yd) only 5/10 shots hit the silhouette and it is impossible to effectively hit an A3 target.

WE repeated the tests using heavier 0.30 g BBs , which proved optimal. The replica behaved like a GBB pistols with a non-adjustable hop-up which resulted in improved performance at 25 m (27.34 yd). The flight path of 0.30 g BBs was flat. 



1. FPS and energy measurements.

The FPS and energy tests were done using AimTop 0.2g BBs.
The average muzzle velocity on those BBs is 300 fps with 0.83 J of energy.


Below is a table presenting 10 consecutive shots:


     fps             m/s              J              
1308.9 94.2 0.88 
2298.4 90.9 0.82 
3295.8 90.2 0.81 
4295.8 90.2 0.81
5296.8 90.5 0.81 
6292.9 89.3 0.78 
7296.8 90.5 0.81 
8293.3 89.4 0.78 
9324.4 98.9 0.96 
10296.8 90.5 0.81 



2. Accuracy and grouping on distances of 15 m (16.40  yd) and 25 m (27.34 yd) using 0,25 g BBs.

Aim Top BBs were used. The test was carried out using aA3 target with a background of a 1:1 silhouette.

At the distance of 15 m (16.40 yd) we scored 10/10 hits in the 1:1 silhouette and 10/10 hits in the A3 target.





At the distance of 25 m (27.34 yd) we scored 5/10 hits in the 1:1 silhouette and no hits in the A3 target.


3. Accuracy and grouping on distances of 15 m (16.40  yd) and 25 m (27.34 yd) using 0.30 g BBs.

We repeated the tests using heavier BBs. 5.95 Precision BBS were used. The test shows that pistol works better than when using 0.25 g BBs.

At the distance of 15 m (16.40 yd) we scored 10/10 hits in the 1:1 silhouette and 10/10 hits in the A3 target. But the grouping is significantly better.




At the distance of 25 m (27.34 yd) we scored 8/10 hits in the 1:1 silhouette and 7/10 hits in the A3 target. The results are presented below.




4. Gas usage (how many shots can be fired on one refill) and efficiency (after how many shots with one magazine accuracy and range decreases).

One refill is enough to fire 60 BBs. Only after the 60th was fired there was a strong decrease in the effectiveness of shots.



The SW-03-2 pistol by Snow Wolf is a full metalGBB replica for people not looking for a good replication of the original but a pistol for recreation or target practice up to 15 m (16.40 yd) – than the replica will suffice. Even more so, since when using heavier BBs the replica can be effectively used up to 25 m (27.34 yd).

Unfortunately, until the HU system construction issue is not fixed, we cannot recommend the replica as having an adjustable hop-up. It can be used in games but under the condition of choosing suitable, heavier BBs.




+ good replication of the original 

+ overall good fit of parts

+ rail mount for tactical flashlights

+ realistic weight


- HU adjustment does not work 

- finish is not very esthetic 

- slide does not return to its normal position properly 

- lack of markings



The replica was testes thanks to the courtesy





  Translated by SHOGUN_YAMATO




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