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Tokyo Marui Thors Hammer [AKTUALIZACJA]

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This shotgun replica will be in sale at summer this year.


Tokyo Marui Thors Hammer.jpg

Tokyo Marui Thors Hammer 1.jpg

For now there is no data about the specs or whatever about this replica. For now We know only that the 8,4V battery will be sold separately.


[UPDATE 25.09.2017]


The replica will be sold in a polymer case of the following dimensions -  117x43x17 cm:





The design could be seen live at the Tokyo Game Show, and will be featured again at the Japanese Model & Hobby Show (29.09.17), and also at the Tokyo Marui Festival in November. Unfortunately, the release date of the Thor's Hammer has been pushed back - the shotgun will be available no sooner than in January 2018.



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