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Hot Summer Sale w Gunfire dobiega końca - specjalna zniżka dla Was!

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Hot Summer Sale - JGHot Summer Sale - JG

A large shipment of JG products has just arrived at Gunfire's wearhouses! Among an almost a 100 items you will find many AEG replicas of carbines and SMGs and also magazines and other accessories.


Hot Summer Sale - EmersonHot Summer Sale - Emerson

The newest shipment from Emerson contained a lot of interesting tactical gear and Combat Set uniforms. Also, the known and like like of FAST helmets by Emerson was also restocked!


Hot Summer Sale - UmarexHot Summer Sale - Umarex

A large shipment of Umarex products has just arrived at our wearhouses! Among over 120 products you will find many handguns and rifle replicas, magazines and accessories. One of the more interesting items in this shipment is a powerful replica of the G28 refile in AEG and Gas Blow Back versions! All Umarex replicas are made under licence of real firearms manufacturers, such as Walther, Heckler & Koch, or Beretta.


Hot Summer Sale - Specna Arms Upgraded

Attention! Together with the last shipment of Specna Arms replicas, a few dozen models in the "upgraded" version were delivered. They have many new and upgraded gearbox parts that come with those modes, such as:

- reinforced steel gears set 
- a steel main spring guide with a bearing 
- light, polymer piston with steel teeth 
- aluminium piston head with special sealing 
- metal cylinder head 
- metal nozzle with sealing


Hot Summer Sale - Uvex

A modern, stylish design of Uvex Pheos protective glasses makes them ideal for everyday use in an industrial workplace. Apart from an attractive look these glasses incorporate a very innovative technology: their main component are duospherical lenses which not only ensure a wide field of view but are also extremely resilient to scratches from the outside and permanently protect against fog from the inside, thanks to a unique Uvex Supravision lenses coating system.


Hot Summer Sale - KWAHot Summer Sale - King Arms

The special discount code for WMASG readers: WMS0254


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