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Ciekawostka z Azji: cosplay anime inspirowany GROM

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AOR Pink, real name Marceline Liu, is a model and a military blogger from Taiwan. Together with Octagon Airsoft (read the review of their Glock replica here) a project inspired by GROM and the Hussars was created. As Marceline says, she was always impressed with the battles fought by our mounted troops. The relation of this project to GROM is noticeable yet its connection to the Hussars is questionable. Marceline explains that in the Taiwanese pop culture where is an anime character of a winged hussar, which she stylistically connected with the our military might from the XVII century. The lose interpretation of "Kotwica" symbol was also criticized as it is a huge topic in the media and in the airsoft community in Poland nowadays.

Anime and cosplay, especially the Asian variant, has as many fans as it has critics in Poland. Its symbolism and aesthetics are sometimes misunderstood in our culture. It does not change the fact that drawing an inspiration from GROM in such a far away country is a testament to the quality of our special forces and becomes a Polish PR export good. Before someone starts criticizing it, it is worth looking at it from this angle.


AOR Pink - cosplay GROM, HusariaAOR Pink - cosplay GROM, HusariaAOR Pink - cosplay GROM, Husaria



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