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Licencjonowane repliki oporządzenia Crye Precision

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Quite soon, on the 6th October licensed replicas of tactical gear from the Crye Precision's offer will hit the market. As recently stated, the ZShot company signed a contract with Crye Precision for production of tactical gear replicas of this manufacturer. Currently, it is unknown what range of products from the CP's offer will become available as licensed products in ZShot's offer. The photos which were published show a part of a plate carrier in camo pattern patented by Crye Precision - Multicam Tropic and Multicam Black with the "Crye Licenced" tag.


Crye Precision licencedCrye Precision licenced

It is probably first such case then a renowned manufacturer of premium tactical gear is officially addressing fans of their products. We will be able to see what quality do the replicas represent very soon. This move will surely have an impact on the renowned Chinese manufacturers of tactical gear "inspired" by products of premium manufacturers, especially from the USA.

This situation has one more point to it. The airsoft market, the enthusiasts market are more and more often recognized by companies from the "real steel" segment. In this case we are talking about a manufacturer of top quality tactical gear. Will other companies follow in the footsteps of Crye Precision? We will find out in the near future.





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