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Classic Army Scarab SAR Carbine

Classic Army Scarab SAR Carbine
Classic Army has released its proprietary ASG carbine design, which has been developed entirely in their technological laboratories. Their ambitious idea focused primarily on changing the design of the receiver and the type of butt stock. We get a completely new, fresh carbine, which has never been on the market. The manufacturer has introduced 3 lengths of the Scarab. We tested the shortest SAR version. How does the innovative variation of the of AR15 by Classic Army fare in our tests? Read below!
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Classic Army Scarab SAR Carbine




When we take the replica into our hands we get the feeling that its quite heave for its small size. The fitting of parts is very good and there is no slack present. We feel that this is a solid piece of metal.


The receiver is a heavily modified AR15 standard. The lower receiver differs very slightly, only the stock mounting is different, but the fully integrated upper receiver is the part that stands out the most. THe magwell has the Scarab logo and a serial number engraved on one side. At the height of the fire selector switch, there is a Classic Army engraving and on the other side the MADE IN HONG KONG phrase.




As far as the ergonomics go, this replica has an ambidextrous fire selector switch and a bolt catch. The charging lever has been moved to the side and can be placed in 4 different places (two on each side): closer of further from the ejector port. This very interesting solution turned out to be a bit unfortunate: the bolt, locked in the open position, locks into place with a loud, pleasant, metallic sound after the bolt catch is released. Unfortunately, each time this is done the charging lever, while hitting the receiver, is loosened a bit, unscrews buy itself and finally rips off the thread and falls out. It is possible that this is a flaw of just our unit. Moreover, this happens in all 4 points where the lever can be mounted.



The pistol grip is similar to a standard AR15 one with a minor lifting done in the guise of rough side surfaces with give it a very good grip. Its texture resembles the Stippling mod.


IMG_3297.jpgIMG_3309.jpgThe front, integrated with the upper receiver in this case, has been outfitted with an integrated top RIS rail, and a bottom one, which can be detached by unscrewing two screws underneath the replica. Underneath it is the battery compartment and a T-Connect type connector for the battery. Unfortunately, the space is very limited and there is little chance we could fit inside something larger than a 7.4V stick battery. Yet, this idea seems to be better than the only other alternative, that is putting the battery inside a PEQ laser housing module. The final part of the front as the integrated side Key Mod type rails.




The stock has 3 settings which and is similar to the one used in MP5s, quite a poplar design lately, made completely from metal. The guide is short which facilitates the replica's compact design. Unfortunately, we will not fit a battery inside. The rear part, as the rest of the stock, is also made of metal. It is simple, small and comfortable.

 PC_06490.jpgPC_06492.jpgIMG_3299.jpgIMG_3315.jpgThe external barrel is black, made of metal and non-standard. It ends with a counterclockwise thread which with a standard metal AR15 type flash hider mounted on it.



The iron sights are flip-up type and made of metal. They are fully adjustable. They lock in the open position. To fold them one must use a button situated on the side. Thanks to it we are made sure that they will not fold by accident.



The magazine that we get with the replica is a classic STANAG type hi-cap made of steel. It look and works very well: we did not have any jams or problems with feeding. It has Classic Army markings on the underside.


Inside the replica

Despite the fact that the replica has been designed around the well known TM system, taking it apart is different than in a traditional AR15. To get ot the hop-up chamber one must unscrew a hex screw, which is situated as the beginning of the top RIS rail, next we remove the front pin and slide the upper receiver forward.


The manufacturer has decided to use a metal hop-up chamber with a rear adjustment ring, which increases the precision of the setting of pressure on the hop-up bucking in comparison to the traditional chamber. The black bucking, which comes with the replica, is of medium hardness, and the spinning nub is of traditional design. The spacer is a cylindrical and has no empty space inside contrary to popular spacers of this type.


The brass barrel is 250 mm long, bevelled at the exiting end and, according to the manufacturer, has an internal diameter pf 6.03 mm.



The gearbox has a quick spring exchange system. To make use of it one must unscrew a hex screw on the side of the stock guide and slide the guide together with the stock down. This way we have an easy and quick access to the spring exchange system, which we can use in accordance to the games FPS limits or persona preferences.




To get to the gearbox we must unscrew the pistol grip and the magazine release lever and pull out two pins - the rear one and the trigger one. Next we must unscrew the fire selector switch. During this operation we must watch out not to loose the small meal bearing ball which makes the selector stay in the desired position. Another thing we must watch out for while removing the gearbox from the lower receiver, are the gears responsible for proper workings of the said selector switch. Putting the gearbox back into the lower receiver is not easy. The gears on both sides must be set properly and the gearbox has to be put inside is such a way as not to make the gears change their position. Yet, it is not as complicated as in the replica of the Bren which we have also reviewed. The spring quick exchange system is a feature you will surely appreciate.




The V2 QD gearbox is a modified version 2, ready to accept the Electronic Trigger Unit, has a port on the top, prepared to work with the electric blowback system which is not present in this replica. The frame is held together with hex screws and has 9 mm bearing sockets. The  replica reviewed had ball bearings.


Inside is an airtight pneumatic system prepared to work with strong springs. The piston has 15 steel teeth and a metal, ventilated head with a bearing. The type 2 cylinder seems to be a good choice considering the barrel is 250 mm long. It ends with a cylinder head with a double O-ring. The nozzle is 20,52 mm long and made of polymer, similarly to the tappet plate, that has a non standard, crescent shaped fin and servers it purpose very well.



The Electronic Trigger Unit used in the replica consists of two parts. To remove it we have to unscrew three Phillips screws and firstly take the top PCB and then the bottom one. The trigger itself works very well and has the ability to be programmed very easily, without the need to use any external programming devices. All one must do is to squeeze and hold the trigger in the semi mode for 5 seconds until we hear a sound signal. The standard setting is safe-semi-auto which is communicated by a sound signal 1 sound – pause - 8 sounds. After pressing the trigger we switch between the following modes:

safe-semi-3-round burst: 1 sound – pause- 3 sounds
safe-3-round burst-full auto: 3 sounds - pause - 8 sounds
safe-5-round burst-full auto: 5 sounds- pause- 8 sounds
safe-semi-semi: 1 sound – pause - 1 sound 

To confirm the mode chosen we switch the fire selector into full auto. In the case of the Scarab, after removing the battery and connecting it again, the system does not resent and remembers the mode chosen, contrary to the system used by G&G.



IMG_5831-2.jpgIMG_5842.jpgThe metal gears, placed in 9-mm ball bearings, of standard ratio work very well in this setup.


The motor used in the replica is the Classic ArmyHigh Torque variant. It has strong magnets and is suitable for working with stronger springs. 




Shooting with the replica is very pleasant. The use of a 6,03 mm inner barrel as a stock one makes this replica accurate. Moreover, using an integrated front piece makes this replica very well centered. The programmable trigger unit gives a lot of joy. Overall, the replica is ready for used right out of the box. Any tuning will most likely be restricted to exchanging the spring for a stronger one as all this internal parts are ready to handle one. The carbine is quite heavy for its length which can be felt at times, but it might be an advantage for players that like realism. As long as the fact that the Scarab currently has not real firearm counterpart is omitted.




Classic Army made a bold decision to refresh the popular AR15 standard. It is hard to say if the Scarab rifle, made in the design department of the company, is success. On one hand the refle is ready for use out of the box, without the need of any internal tuning. On the other, if we would like to make some external changes, the design of the replica limits it somehow, which can be a disadvantage in case of such an original design. A small battery compartment under the front grip and a poorly designed charging lever that falls off by itself are other cons the Scarab has. Yet, the programmable trigger and, for some, the original design can be huge pros. It must me noted that the project fulfilled its aims: we get a finished product, ready for use, maybe not without some faults but its fresh, original and technologically advanced.




We tested the replica thanks to the courtesy of

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