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IWA 2018: Nuprol

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The display at the booth showed many known designs from the AR-15 family and also the line of RZR BBs.





A new product presented were a pair of protective glasses. They have a rather "tactical" look, and their senses cover a wider area of the face to better protect the eyes. The product is ready to work with an insert containing prescription lenses. 




The display also contained a prototype of a new carrying case designed for SMG size designs and also a version for longer guns.






A surprising fact was the presence of a series of scopes for replicas. They have good optical properties and were also tested with real firearms. One of the presented scopes had a fluid magnification adjustment, which can be used both at medium and short ranges. The targeting reticle in each scope has three colours of illumination: red, green and blue. The products will be available at a decent price. 





Apart from the well known Delta, Recon and Spec Ops designs, the visitors could also see new series of AEG carbines:

- Nomad
- Jackal
- Enforcer

The carbines are made of metal and differ from each other with the of the mounting system used at the front. The replicas will be available at a price of around 280 Euro



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