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IWA 2018: King Arms i Bolt Airsoft

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First we went to the booth of King Arms company:





The display contained gas powered pistols from the 1911 family, both with and without a RIS rail.




Apart from the 1911 the Hi-Capa pistols were also on display.




This was not the end of handguns made by KA. The visitors could familiarize themselves with Single Action revolvers loaded from the side of the drum. They are made of steel. Unfortunately, they do not have any hop-up adjustment. There were also metal revolvers present, with 3 different barrel lengths, which are powered by CO2Similarly to the SA revolvers, they also do not have any hop-up adjustment.




On the wells the series of Ultra Grade replicas was showcased, which consists of 3 new carbines, the so called entry level - made of polymer. One of them is powered with magazines typical for the 9 mm caliber. Inside we will find a MOSFET circuit, a 6,05 mm inner barrel and the set comes with a mid-cap magazine.




Then we went to the booth of Bolt Airsoft, where we saw many interesting designs.




The biggest attraction was a prototype of the AKS-74U replica with an EBB system with produces considerable recoil. The receiver has been made of steel and the pistol grip has been of bakelite, with is a nice accent. Inside is a modified V3 gearbox with a port for the EBB system. It is also attached to the receiver using two additional screwes. The hop-up chamber is made of metal and the inner barrel has a diameter of 6.00(!) mm. The replica can be switched to a non-blow back mode after the bolt carrier is set in the real position. The product will be available in May and its price will be 350 USD.






New models from the SWAT series have also been presented. Those were the MP5 replicas in the SD5 and SD6 versions. They differ from each other with the stock mounted with the length of the silencer. Inside them is an EBB system that is very similar to the ones used in the AKS-74U replica and an inner barrel that is 6.00  mm in diameter.





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