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IWA 2018: 5.11 Tactical Series

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The booth presented 3 new models of modular backpacks. It is possible to add additional magazine pouches to them using a hexagonal mounting panel. The backpacks are designed for use by paramedics. They have a quick opening system and inside they are covered with Velcro loops which allows for customization of internal space. Apart from the Velcros there are numerous organizers and pockets which allow for holding numerous additional accessories. 





The backpacks are available in three versions which differ in size:

- AMP-12 - 25L
- AMP-24 - 32L
- AMP-72 - 40L




A new model of a plate carrier has also been presented. It is also compatible with the hexagonal pouch mounting system used in the backpacks.




Tactical gear showcasing was a thing that could not be left out of the 5.11's booth. Among other products, an interesting model of a rain jacket, called the Approach Jacket, has been shown. It has waterproof zippers and ventilation pockets, many regular pockets for storing various items, and it is designed to be used with handgun holsters. 




The second product from the jacket category is the Windbreaker. It has a double zipper, which allows for using regular pockets as pass through ones, which is to allow for fast drawing of a gun. 




The manufacturer has also presented its new camo design, the GEO7. It comes in two varieties - woodland and night. The whole set resembles somewhat the Polish MAPA design, but the colours used are completely different. 





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