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Thanks to the kindness of the Polish company from Goleniów, PERUN AIRSOFT, I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the new mosfet system with an active brake. The system itself has been designed in accordance with the current trends in micro scale, with the addition of a certain dose of innovation.

PERUN AB is supplied in a package of anti-static foil and closed with a piece of cardboard. The manufacturer's name, logo and a QR code, which is used to download the user's manual, are printed on the piece of cardboard.2add1e8af1bdc0b5af5ed5a27eb8db10.JPGThe circuit is delivered with partially installed wiring, which facilitates subsequent assembly. The PCB has bipolar signal wires and one wire (red) for connection to the power supply of a replica.


The installation of the circuit is simple and requires only 2 wires to be soldered to the PCB and to connect the system with the replica's electric wires in accordance to the diagram below.


Despite its two-layer design, the system is one of the smallest on the market. In addition, it is equipped with a button that allows you to control additional functions.


Main features:

<ul><li>MOSFET – protection of trigger switch plates, increase of ROF </li><li>Active break (which can be deactivated with a switch) </li><li>Warning against excessive discharging of the battery (Li-Po)</li><li>Elimination of the vibrating  (by using a microcontroller)</li><li>Small size</li></ul>

The button built into the PCB allows for turning the active brake on and off and enable or disable the low battery warning. In the packet protection mode, when the voltage drops below the safe level in 30 second intervals, a sound is emitted by the motor, so that we can disconnect the battery before it is damaged by too deep a discharge. It is worth noting that the Li-Po protection function automatically detects the battery's voltage and selects a proper value to activate the warning without the user's input.

Traditionally, the system has been tested with a CTR-02 replica (ProWin gearbox, Guarder SP170 mian spring, Guarder ITU gears, Systema AtoZ motor, an 11.1V battery, 650 FPS). The test consisted in a continuous firing of approx. 500 BBs using single and full-auto firing modes. During the test, the system's temperature increased only slightly, which was due to the transistor controlled by the driver (a special control system for the MOSFET). In addition, the use of a microcontroller in the design eliminates the problem of trigger switch plates vibrations. Thanks to this, one of the factors negatively affecting the durability of these systems, which particularly affects MOSFETs with an active brake, is potentially eliminated.

In my opinion, the PERUN AB is a very successful compromise between size and functionality. This is not the smallest design on the market, but its dimensions allow it to be installed in virtually any replica, while maintaining the functionality that customers expect from a product in this class. The only thing I can complain about is th packaging which does not protect the product in a sufficient.


We would like to thank PERUN AIRSOFT for providing us with their product for testing!



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