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The first 5.11 owned store in Europe
The first 5.11 owned store in Europe

The first 5.11 owned store in Europe

The first 5.11 owned store in Europe
The first 5.11 owned store in Europe

The newly opened store is located at Brandshofer Deich Street 68. It is, so far, the first store owned by 5.11, not a current local representative. Thanks to this, on the area of 400 m2, customers can get acquainted with the full, wide range of clothing and tactical equipment made by this manufacturer.

Einar Cronstedt, CEO of 5.11 EMEA

Brandshofer Deich is part of Hafencity, a newly built district in the extensive port of Hamburg. As emphasized by Einar Cronstedt, the CEO of the 5.11 EMEA, the location was not chosen by chance. Thanks to its good communication and easy access from the highway, for visitors from outside the city, the store is not only targeted at customers from the metropolis. The proximity of 5.11 European headquarters in Malmo, Sweden is also important. The store was built in an old port brick building with a total area of 550 m2. While designing the store, the old steel doors and structural elements have been preserved, which blend nicely with the image of a company that has been promoting itself for some time now together with the Crossfit brand.

The store has a conference room and a relaxation area, where you can sit on the couch and talk to the staff. There is also a Loadout Area zone, where you can try out different configurations of 5.11 gear. Another interesting idea is the Challenge Area, where customers can literally work out a discount.

The symbolic opening of the store was breaching of a door with a tactical battering ram.Numerous attractions awaited the visitors.First of all, you could buy items from the new offer with a 20% discount.A limited collector's edition 5.11 Hamburg patch was also added to the purchased items.Every willing customer could take part in a lottery, and more physically fit daredevils could approach the Crossfit competition. The contestants could win vouchers for purchases in the 5.11 shop, the main prize being a voucher for 511 EUR. Others could win vouchers for 250, 101 and 80 EUR.

Those interested could also take part in a lecture on preparation for various unforeseen situations during a journey, in line with the 5.11 motto - "Always be ready". Those who were willing could also take the opportunity to shoot at the IPSC course using the Aimpoint Virtual Reality system, where they received a company gift. The winners could get a 5.11 Range Ready bags and a 5.11 Pistol Case.

Visitors were treated to a cold (including tasty beer, which Germany is known for) and hot drinks, and hot dogs waiting for the hungry. There was also a cake.

5.11 Always be ready!

5.11. Tactical is the world's first tactical clothing brand and a precursor of the development of the tactical clothing industry. It was officially created in 2003, however, the idea and the first products included in the offer were created in the end of the 1960s under a different brand. It was then when Royal Robbins and his wife began to sew durable, comfortable and practical trousers for climbers in the US, which enjoyed immense popularity. The idea was based on the combination and application of solutions from military uniforms and adapting them to sporting needs, in this case mountain climbing. Hence the name, 5.11, which is a high level of difficult of a hard to climb mountain side.

The trousers, that have a could status nowadays, were quickly noticed by FBI federal agents, who often climbed the mountains, as well as by Dan Costa who, in 1999, bought a company with 30 years of experience in the industry and in 2003 a created a tactical brand from it, the 5.11 Tactical.

Currently, there are many companies on the market with a similar profile. The competition is very large, and yet it is 5.11 Tactical that manages to keep in the vanguard of companies producing truly unique designs, not replicated by other manufacturers. Their products are characterized by a very high quality of craftsmanship and materials used, and hence high durability. The designs are ingenious and practical (including the Hexgrid patent that gives the ability to attach the pouches using the MOLLE system at many angles). The guiding motto of 5.11 is "Always be ready", which also reflects the direction of their clothing and equipment design. Since 2007, the company's offer also includes tactical equipment, which designers can surprise us at times (e.g. the Slickstick System). The majority of products undergo testing and consulting phases with officers of uniformed services, during which the manufacturers solutions are thoroughly analyzed. The company cooperates with virtually every government agency in the USA and many countries around the world, including Poland.

The 5.11 offer includes mainly tactical clothing for uniformed services working in civilian clothing, including assault units (especially the XPRT line). It is worth noting that the 5.11 company was one of the first to introduce such a rich offer of tactical clothing dedicated and anatomically adapted for women!

However, 5.11's offer is addressed not only towards servicemen. The products of this company are all the more appreciated by travelers and people who are guided by the philosophy of EDC (Every Day Carry). Even seemingly civilian-looking things usually contain functional and hidden pockets, for example for concealed carrying of weapons, but not only. They are versatile, well-designed and durable products.

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