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New Perun V2 Optical
New Perun V2 Optical

New Perun V2 Optical

New Perun V2 Optical
New Perun V2 Optical
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The Perun V2 Optical is a device which replaces the trigger switch in V2 gearboxes with an electronic circuit based on MOSFET transistors and also adds many new functions.

Elimination of mechanical contacts surfaces solves the problem of their gradual wear. The MOSFET transistors used have a much lower resistance than the traditional trigger switches, which improves the rate of fire of the replica. Small parts responsible for the functioning of the single-fire mode often fail in the trigger system, especially in replicas made up of parts from different manufacturers. Perun V2 Optical minimizes the number of moving parts, which positively affects the reliability of a replica and ensures the proper functioning of the firing modes, even in self-assembled replicas.

The use of a microcontroller allows to extend the replica's capabilities, among others, by setting any combination of firing modes on each selector switch settings.

The available modes are:
- safe,
- single shot,
- a burst of 2-5 shots,
- full-auto.

Other functions are:
- Preocking
- Active brake (AB)
- Battery protection mode
- Double shot mode


Perun V2 Optical has been successfully tested in V2 gearboxes of: G&P, G&G, Classic Army, KWA, Ultimate, A&K / PJ, JG, Specna Arms, Cyma. This applies to gearboxes made in the Tokyo Marui standard. It should be noted that it will not fit into gearboxes that differ from this standard, e.g. ARES EFCS. Perun V2 also fits into extended V2 gearboxes used in SR25 replicas.

Since today, the new Perun V2 Optical is distributed to wholesale customers and should appear in stores soon.



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