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MOA - Military Outdoor and Airsoft
MOA - Military Outdoor and Airsoft

MOA - Military Outdoor and Airsoft

MOA - Military Outdoor and Airsoft
MOA - Military Outdoor and Airsoft

2018 MOA EXHIBITION be held this year will at the Taipei World Trade Center, the most professional international exhibition center in Taipei, Taiwan. This year, MOA will exhibit nearly 100 world-renowned airsoft, military and survival exhibitors.

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This is undoubtedly one of the first opportunities to familiarize with the offers and new products prepared for the next year by leading manufacturers in the industry. Moreover, they are often presented there before being shown at famous IWA fair in Nuremberg or Shot Show! This was the case last year, when we went to see the first edition of the MOA exhibition at the invitation of the organizer.

As we have learned, the idea of MOA is to create an opportunity to meet the entire Asian (and not only) military-airsoft industry representatives in one place, on the other side of the globe. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit IWA or Shot Show. Eric Chu, editor-in-chief of QRF.mag, a Taiwanese airsoft-military magazine, is a well-known and respected person among manufacturers in Taiwan, China and Japan. Therefore there is a chance that his MOA will become a strong position in the industry calendar.

This year the event changed the place it is held to a much more representative one. The exhibitors will have an area of 4400m2The most exposed stands will belong to LCT Airsoft and Vega Force Company. There will also be other leading manufacturers, such as ICS, Modify, Classic Army, Action Sport Games, E&L, King Arms, SRC, Krytac or Bolt Airsoft. We will also meet Arcturus, MOS Airsoft and Poseidon, exhibitors who are entering more and more the Polish and European markets. There will also be manufacturers of unique replicas, such as Rare Arms (see the video), Shoei (probably with their latest Gew43) and North East (we are still waiting for the release of the gas powered Sten replica). From the "tactical" branch we can expect such companies as 5.11 Tactical and ESS. Who else will we meet and what will we see at MOA? We will see on December 6!

We are pleased to announce that we will also have the opportunity to present ourselves at the MOA.

It is worth noting that the Taipei World Trade Center is located in the immediate vicinity of one of the main attractions of Taipei - 101 Taipei skyscraper. It measures as much as 509 m, and the lift goes all the way up its 101 floors in just over 40 seconds! Its acceleration makes an enormous impression. The elevator is considered the fastest (or currently one of the fastest) in the world. An interesting fact is also the "wind dumper", which is the largest device of this type in the world, and is a huge ball mounted on the cylinders in the top part of the skyscraper. It keep the building in balance during strong winds and earthquakes. It is certainly another (but obviously not the only one) reason to visit Taipei in early December.

Taiwan is less than 9,000 km away from Poland, but these days it is not an impossible distance to travel. So, will we meet some of you at the event?


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