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Poseidon in Taiwangun's offer
Poseidon in Taiwangun's offer

Poseidon in Taiwangun's offer

Poseidon in Taiwangun's offer
Poseidon in Taiwangun's offer extends the offer of Poseidon's (Taiwan) brand products. This rather inconspicuous and somewhat cautiously introduced manufacturer, on the Polish market, primarily offers interesting and innovative upgrade parts. It also has replicas in its offer, but under a different brand - B&W (Bold Warrior in Action).

Not so long ago we had the opportunity to test the PBW-92B replica with their Air Cushion system, responsible for decreasing the airbag effect and increasing the range of the replica by 10-15m (according to the manufacturer).

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The flagship products of this manufacturer seem to be the Ice Breaker and the Ice Pick, which can change how GBB replicas are perceived when it come to shooting in low temperatures. These are a specially designed nozzle valve and piston head. These parts, due to their design and the materials used (teflon) reduce the risk of freezing. They require less lubrication and increase the efficiency of gas powered replicas. We checked the cool down effect personally during the MOA 2017 trade fair in Taipei (Taiwan), where Poseidon also exhibited their products. The manufacturer offers these parts dedicated to pistols and VFC carbines replicas.

The following Ice Breaker versions have appeared in offer lately.

Red Ice Breaker: diameter 14 mm - fits TM, WE 1911 type models and G series.

Blue Ice Breaker: diameter 15 mm fits WE, TM, BW - M9, Hi capa, P226

Gold Ice Breaker: diameter 13,5 mm - fits TM G17, APS and ARMY - R45, R32, R31, R28, R27, R26, R25

The Ice Pick series is offered in two versions. The Gold Ice Pick  and the Red Ice Pick. The valves allow to use replicas at a temperature below 10oC. According to store, it should work in 8oC, but in our opinion, the replica should remain functional even at lower temperatures. Of course you can not forget about the decrease in replica performance, resulting from the properties of the gas itself. The Ice Pick can be installed in such replicas as: TM, WE, KJW, APS and ARMY. Below is an instructional video on how to mount the Ice Pick in the replica.

These are not the only parts from this manufacturer aimed at improving the performance of replicas at low temperatures which are introduced to the European market by Taiwangun. Anti Ice Zero 1 and 2 nozzles designed for GBB carbine replicas (SCAR H/ SCAR L) are also in stock.

Taiwangun has also introduced the Turbo Valve, made in CNC technology, which improve efficiency and conserve gas. This part fits GBB Tokyo Marui pistols and WE-Tech rifles and other compatible ones.

The offer of the shop also includes Air Cushion 6.05 mm inner barrels with lengths from 275 to 640 mm and dedicated Hop-up buckings.



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