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Poseidon Triton GBBR
Poseidon Triton GBBR

Poseidon Triton GBBR

Poseidon Triton GBBR
Poseidon Triton GBBR

The overload of AR-15 related replica designs can be felt around the world. Therefore it is not surprising  that weapons manufacturers are looking for new ideas to break the monotony of the rifle line and attract the attention of new customers. This make introducing variations in the airsoft industry much easier. During the recent MOA fair in Taipei, the increasingly recognizable and growing manufacturer Poseidon, presented his proposal for GBBR enthusiasts, referring to the stylistics of Greek mythology.

The Triton GBBR is an original carbine, but the technology inside it is kept in the WE standard. As we learned from Zero Liu (the CEO of Poseidon), we will receive a replica with a VFC magazine (literally), so as not to introduce another new standard to the market. There were rumors last year that the companies are to cooperate also in other areas.

The replica's lower receiver is openwork to reduce its weight. In the upper receiver, however, has trident-shaped holes milled out, which reveal the bolt carrier. This is an intended effect that symbolizes a trident's attack.

It is also worth paying attention to the markings of the firing modes: peace, punish, destroy. The Greek myth of Poseidon and his son Triton were used as the main theme of the project. Markings on the replica suggest that the it represents a modern version of the divine trident. We assume, that the golden Cerakote coating was also not an accidental choice.

The replica generates up to 460 fps (less than 2 Joules). The muzzle velocity can be adjusted in a convenient way with the hex key after locking the receiver in the rear position (see the photo below).

The muzzle break amplifies the firing sound on the battlefield.

The release of the replica is scheduled for March 2019. Expected price: 500 USD.

At the Poseidon booth, an M-type rifle prototype powered by pistol magazines (corresponding with the 9mm cartridges) was also presented. When asked if separate adapters will be available, Zero denied. The release date is unknown.

The manufacturer will also offer a large magazine for AR-15 in the VFC standard.

The Poseidon company has so far known been for innovative solutions in gas powered replicas, starting with the Air Cushion system in their inner barrels, and ending on the Ice Pick and Ice Breaker systems, improving the workings of gas powered replicas at lower temperatures. They also have their budget B&W replica line (Bold Warrior in Action). In May, at courtesy of the store, we had the opportunity to test the PBW-92B model (remember about subtitles!).



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