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BBCon - event date change

BBCon - event date change

BBCon - event date change

BBCon is an initiative that is aimed at integrating the Polish airsoft community in a different way that events do. This initiative, unusual for the Polish airsoft, is to facilitate discussion between local communities, event organizers, groups and all other active people who are not indifferent to cooperation within the community. During the event, apart from discussion panels, participants will be offered various training exercises and accompanying attractions. One of them was also the finals of the Airsoft Team Tournament. Changing the date, however, gives additional time for the organizers and sponsors so it will certainly affect the level of the event. Unofficially, we know that guests from abroad have also announced their participation.

Message from the organizer:

For reasons beyond our control, we are forced to change the date of the convention.

The Convention is moved to 26-27.10.2019,
The place remains unchanged and will be the 
Targi Kielce - exhibition and congress centre

All who have been taking leave in February to be able to participate in the event, we apologize very much and hope that you will not deterred by this turn of events and visit us in October.

The change of the date of the BBcon will unfortunately affect the finals of the Airsoft Team Poland competition but we will not leave the guys on their own and we will help them organize the finals in the planned time but in a different place.

We will devote this additional time to expand the organization of the convention, making the offer more attractive to participants, developing accompanying events and attracting new sponsors.

Planned changes:
1) Expanding the organization team to individuals and groups willing to take care of the preparation of individual parts of the BBcon.
2) Creation of thematic departments dealing with different types of airsoft events (e.g. milsim, postapo, ASH, LARP) and related topics (e.g. reenactment, territorial defense)
3) Each department will have an allocated space at the convention area where it will be able to prepare its "zone". It will be possible to find, for example, event stands in a given "climate", demonstration stands of groups or associations etc ...
4) Each department/zone will be able to conduct large discussion panels in the main Omega room.
5) Half of the space will be used to create a CQB airsoft field where 3vs3, 5vs5 matches will be played for the "BBconu Cup". Each participant of the convention will have the opportunity to try their hand at the cup game :) Just gather a team. Not only results will be evaluated, but also, for example, the "climate", the fun factor and cool outfits. We will reward the audience's favorites and the best cosplay team.
6) The emphasis will be on expanding the offer of training exercises taking place during the convention.

We invite everyone willing to help, because we need a large group of enthusiasts wanting to work for the good of the airsoft community!

Remember that the convention is made for airsofters and by airsofters. The only thing we want is to create is an annual celebration of Polish airsoft.



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