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The "Bracia" (ang. brohters) fundation
The "Bracia" (ang. brohters) fundation

The "Bracia" (ang. brohters) fundation

The "Bracia" (ang. brohters) fundation
The "Bracia" (ang. brohters) fundation

As the founders describe their initiative, the "Bracia" Foundation is a charitable organization targeted at the enthusiasts of outdoor military games - especially airsoft, whose main goal is to help people in difficult life circumstances they, and their families, found themselves in. On January 4, the information about the completion of the necessary formalities and the official launch of the foundation's activity was made public.

The main originator and founder of the foundation is Piotr Rawski from the Mazovian airsoft community. The idea of creating a foundation appeared after organizing a dozen or so charity actions he noticed growing needs, but also a desire to help, and that is always welcomed. Especially that our seemingly relatively safe hobby also involves risks. In airsoft dangerous accidents may occure that lead to permanent or temporary disability requiring costly rehabilitation. Szwagier, who in September 2017 suffered an unfortunate accident on his way back home from one of the airsoft events, was experienced it first hand. Therefore, the first activities of the foundation are also devoted to him.

As written on the foundation's website:

Szwagier comes from the Podbeskid airsoft community (Team Skull Hunters FT), in which he has been active for 5 years. In September 2017, he was a victim of an unfortunate car accident while returning home from an airsoft event. The road barrier pierced his car and hit Bartek's (his real name) head, causing permanent damage. Today he is after many operations and requires permanent rehabilitation. The family cares deeply for his health so he can talk to them again and return to the forest. There are replicas next to his bed, which he often looks at. Bartek's sister says he is a calm boy, who likes pets and, above all, does not refuse help.

On behalf of Bartek and his family, we are collecting money to cover the costs of his long-term rehabilitation. Donations can be paid into the foundation's bank account:

87 1750 0012 0000 0000 4095 8727

details of payment: "Bartek 001" or "darowizna na cele statutowe" (ang. donation for statutory purposes)
Fundacja Bracia
ul Kościuszki 25 lok 22
05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki


We would like to thank you in advance for each payment, in particular to those who have decided on a recurring micro transfer - thanks to that we will maintain the continuity of the help provided. We encourage players and airsoft teams to cooperate with our Foundation - contact us by FB.

The Foundation does not charge commission for payments and its management does not receive remuneration for their work.

Organization data / organizer of the campaign:
Fundacja Bracia ul Kościuszki 25 lok 22 05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki
REGON: 382009396 NIP: 8222373734 KRS: 0000761992



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