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Last tickets for GFPOINT 2019!

Last tickets for GFPOINT 2019!

Last tickets for GFPOINT 2019!

GFPOINT 10 is in two weeks. This is the last moment to purchase tickets and take part in a unique orienteering run. Unique, because it combines elements of airsoft and tasks connected with the broadly understood military. Participants must have good orientation in the field, the skill to read a map and plan the optimal route. Physical fitness counts, but also the ability to conserve your strength. Sometimes it is more profitable to omit a point and make up for the penalty points elsewhere. The tactical sense is also needed here. It will also challenge the participants knowledge of military topics. There are people on many different levels in GFPOINT and for many of them the "box" is not the most important thing.  For many the event has become an obligatory point in the calendar.

We will again meet with the participants in Góry Suche region, with the GFPOINT base in the town of Mieroszów. Every year, the event attracts several hundred people willing to test themselves in a difficult winter weather, in mountainous terrain at a course over 30km long! Who of you will come? There is still time until February 2 to buy the last tickets. We invite you all!



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