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Battle Arena will start this weekend
Battle Arena will start this weekend

Battle Arena will start this weekend

Battle Arena will start this weekend
Battle Arena will start this weekend

Recently, the eliminations that are part of the international Battle Arena (World Wide Airsoft-Shooter Tournament) tournament, have been completed. It is a relatively young initiative, aimed at confronting whole teams in a dynamic game, very similar to speedball. So far, the games are held indoors. In Poland, it was only this year that the Polish national team was chosen through the way of national eliminations, organization of which was done by the aktyczna Akademia Kultury "TAK". The combined CSAR/GROZA team from Warsaw was the winner and it is they who, under the name "Airsoft Team Poland", will face fifteen other national teams this weekend. In the gallery below you will find photos of several of them.

The Poles will be facing off against Germany, Kazakhstan and Lithuania to get out of Group B.

In addition to our representation, we are particularly interested in the performance of the Chinese national team, which joined the event as the last one. Due to the fact that airsoft in the Middle Kingdom is treated in the light of the law on a par with firearms, which are inaccessible to an average citizen, this representation may surprise us (or not). We will find out soon. The finals take place in Finland at the ASA facility. Live broadcast will be held and you will be able to follow it on Youtube (the link is provided below).

This is another initiative of attempting to instill sport competition into airsoft. AIPSC is becoming more and more popular, which is typical dynamic sport shooting which, for many people, is just a prelude to the "adult" variant which uses real firearms, namely the IPSC. We already have great competitors in this field (and also in the IPSC)! Some time ago we had the honor to cover Airsoft Masters, a competition closely resembling AIPSC. In Tajwanie the G&G World Cup Shooting Competition is held every two years. It is also a form of a team competition, but here the targets are special luminous and sound emitting "copulas". For years, ideas about making sport competitions bases on airsoft have been emerging from time to time, but for many people it contradicts with the military and hobby character of this hobby. Will the Battle Arena, as a form of sport airsoft competition, become so popular that it will become an industry recognized sports event? As always, time will show.

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