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Tactical and elegant Garmin
Tactical and elegant Garmin

Tactical and elegant Garmin

Tactical and elegant Garmin
Tactical and elegant Garmin

On October 1, Garmin has introduced the MARQ Commander, a premium watch model with pre-installed TopoActive Europe maps and the so-called tactical applications. The new smartwatches are distinguished by a subtle design, a black matte titanium case and an original strap. A specially designed lens hides the always on display.


The MARQ Commander has pre-installed TopoActive Europe maps and navigation tools such as a barometric altimeter, a compass and access to several GNSS satellite navigation systems. In addition, the watch has the Jumpmaster function, applications useful for tactical tasks, navigation to landmarks and a mode that reduces the backlight of the dial so that the watch can be used with night-vision devices.




A new, interesting feature of the MARQ Commander is an emergency switch that, when activated, deletes all data stored in the device's memory so as not to leave any trace of the user's history. Users can also use the hidden mode, which turns off saving and sharing GPS position and wireless connection with the watch.

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The MARQ Commander has advanced smartwatch features - memory for storing, Garmin Pay payment system, phone notifications, activity tracking, and a wrist-based heart rate meter. MARQ watches are compatible with the Garmin QuickFit system, which allows for a quick and easy replacement of straps and bracelets.




The lithium-ion battery allows to use the MARQ Commander watch for up to 12 days in smartwatch mode, 28 hours in GPS mode, 48 hours in UltraTrac mode and up to 9 hours in GPS mode with music.

The suggested retail price for the MARQ Commander watch is 1,950 Euro.




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